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12 Month Membership | Dedicated Matchmaker | 100% Money Back Guarantee* | Massive Database of Clients | Client Confidentiality | Outstanding Customer Services | SSL Protected System | High Success Rate | Fastest Growing Muslim Marriage Bureau in the UK


Upon successful Registration you will receive an activated Muslim and single membership the next working day. Click Here for Membership Price and Benefits.

Matchmakers will handle your account from start to finish and they will look for your matches. Your Matchmaker will go through our entire database of clients and pick out the best available single Muslim options for you according to age, looks, height, education, caste, location and much more. You can state your preferences when registering to ensure your matches are to your liking.

Your profile remains private and secure on our offline systems, meaning no one can access your information. We send your basic information to our single Muslim clients who we think are suitable matches. For more information see Why Choose Us or About Us

How & When You Will Receive Matches

Via Telephone
Via Email

You will receive matches via email or telephone. Your Muslim and single match will consist of general profile information of the client; age, height, city, maybe their education information and their current occupation, and also contact details. The telephone number may be theirs or their family’s, so always introduce yourself politely and ask with whom you are speaking.

Pictures will not be sent out; we only use pictures to aid in matchmaking. You can ask your  match for a picture after you start talking. (See our Terms and Conditions for more information)

Dealing With Your Matches

Call or text them
Speak politely
It may be their relative you are speaking with
Ask for more information
Maybe ask for more pictures if you are very interested
If you all agree and are happy then;
Arrange to meet up

This can be a difficult position to judge. You should ask as many questions as you can to be sure you are completely satisfied with your single Muslim match. Ask questions like which university they studied at, what their hobbies are, how many siblings they have. If you are happy with them, and they seem happy with you, then you could either ask for pictures, or arrange to meet up. Our Blog Page has numerous articles with a library of information and advice for all the steps of the Muslim Matrimony process. Be sure to take a look.

Arrange to meet your Muslim and single Match at their house, yours or a coffee shop or restaurant halfway between your house and theirs. A busy venue eases tension and helps conversation flow more easily. Families are almost always involved and attend these meetings too. This is not a date! This is an introduction for two families to meet and weigh compatibility.

If You Like Your Match

Get in touch with us
Let us know

If you both are happy with your single Muslim match then continue with the process discussing options with them and their family the whole way through.

Arrange to meet again, and start planning the wedding! Woohoo!

Be sure to let us know so we can remove you from the matchmaking process. We retain your details for a further 30 days incase there is a hiccup with your match and you decide not to go ahead after all. After 30 days your information is destroyed securely and you are removed from our systems entirely. At this point the Muslim Matrimony Matchmaking process comes to and end! Congratulations!

If You Do Not Like Your Match

Cease communication amicably
Let us know
We will send more matches out to you

If either of you are unhappy with the match then please mutually agree to cease contact and let us know. We will then find more Muslim and single matches for you. You will be sent one match roughly every 2 to 3 weeks from this point on.

Be sure to destroy any information you had from the previous match and do not pass this information on to anyone else as this is a breach of your membership Terms and Conditions!

Who We Are

Hum Marriage is a muslim marriage bureau service in Birmingham UK providing Muslim and single clients with harmonised matches in soul, character and appearance. Sign up, sit back and relax…Your personal matchmaker will send you details of your single Muslim matches.

We are a specialised, muslim marriage bureau to help people find Muslim matrimony throughout the UK. We help single Muslims find their perfect partner.

We have a fresh database that is constantly updated, full of wonderful muslim singles from various backgrounds, ready to take the next step in life. If you want to find a Muslim partner, then Register now!

What We Do

Tired of the usual muslim marriage bureau out there? Are you a serious Muslim single looking to settle down? All of our clients are ready to marry and have a life-long synchronised joining of souls and character. Please note: This is not a dating site! Our clients sign up to find a Muslim partner to marry!

Hum Marriage Bureau offers a service unlike any other with professional Muslim matrimony matching in the UK.  We personally go through our single Muslim profiles, and find you a perfect match. This provides you with a human touch, as opposed to algorithms picking your match for you!

We match your appearance, age, height, education, background, religion, caste, living requirements and much more.

How We Do It

There are no additional fees! Payment is made when Registering and this payment is valid for the full time of your membership. Unlike many other muslim marriage bureaus we do not charge additional fees if you find your perfect Muslim and single partner and marry! We have successfully matched many single Muslims and we will continue to do so!

We have a dedicated team of 6 hard working individuals to get you results. With a combined marriage relations experience of over 21 years, you can rest easy with the confidence that you are in safe hands with our muslim marriage bureau.

We have a huge database of Muslim and single clients and we work meticulously to find you the most suitable matches according to your profile and requests.

What's Left To Do

Sign Up online now or Contact Us for more information!

We wish you all the best in finding your perfect Muslim and single partner.

We hope you find our marriage bureau services as useful as the vast number of previous customers have found us. We have a large range of single muslim clients from various backgrounds, so be sure to get in touch even if you believe your story is a unique one. We cater for young adults, old adults, divorcees, single parents and much more.

After registering, you will receive your personalised Muslim and single matches within 28 days via email or telephone; however it usually takes a couple of weeks to send your first match over!

You will be provided with contact details of your matches so you can speak to them and their families to arrange a time and place to meet. Need further assistance? Give us a call on 07857037167


“Fantastic bureau! Most trusted and most effective marriage bureau in the UK!”


“Great service, very swift, very friendly. Thank you solomon for helping me find someone for my daughter”


“What a simple and easy service to handle! So quick to set up, received matches within days and now we are looking forward to the wedding! Thanks guys!”


“Brilliant service! Just wrote this to say thanks guys, i really appreciate what you did for me and my family! Thank you”


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