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We have been helping Muslim Singles get married for over 10 years. We converted our services into a Business in 2015 and Hum Marriage was born.

Founded by Waqar & his partners in 2015, Hum Marriage is relatively new. Since then the business has grown at an incredible rate. The Company was formed in 2016 and is now still within its first year of trading.

The company operates from Birmingham, UK.

We have a small, yet effective team of 6 working together as a unit

Hum Marriage Bureau - Single Muslim Marriage Service Birmingham UK

We extend our reach across the UK, US, Canada, Europe and some parts of Asia

The majority of our clients are from the UK

We cater for clients from all walks of life. We do not discriminate whatsoever! If you have any bespoke requests then please get in touch as we would be happy to help.

Clients from across the UK

Hum Marriage operates fairly and responsibly. Your information is safe with us and will not be passed on to any third party companies without your prior consent

We charge one fee, no additional fees. Even when you get married through us, we do not charge any additional fees.

This provides our customers with a trustworthy, transparent service, which leads to great reviews, referrals and more customers!

Trustworthy, Transparent Service

Facts About Hum Marriage

Dedicated Team

The Magnificent 6! Hard working and tenacious. Our goal is to get you married

Worldwide Reach

Members from around the Globe that trust and value our service

Worlds #1 Marriage Bureau?

Fast growing, great service, low prices, strong team, no additional fees, money-back guarantee…Need we say more?

Exclusive Service

One of the first Online & Over the phone Muslim Marriage Bureaus in the UK

Marriage is half your deen. Complete this and you are halfway to Jannat. Using a marriage bureau facilitates the process and allows you to reach this goal following a halal path. I trust Hum Marriage Bureau and its integrity to handle the marriage of my Muslim brothers and sisters in this world.

Mohammed Riaz