Are Marriage Bureaus Trustworthy?

Are Marriage Bureaus Trustworthy?

Are Marriage Bureaus Trustworthy?

In short – Yes

Marriage bureaus are generally trustworthy and safe to use to use. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Sign up by giving the bureau your details such as age, height, country of living etc
  2. Make payment online or over the phone. (Secure payment gateways should always be used such as PayPal and safe card transactions, if you are unfamiliar with the card payment gateway then do some research to see if it can be trusted)
  3. Be patient as finding the perfect match can take some time!

Those are the three steps to signing up to a marriage bureau; it is as simple as that. Always be sure to provide the correct information such as your real height, age and caste for example. If you provide incorrect details then things can go spiral shaped down the road.

When signing up to a marriage bureau it is important to do some research on the bureau. Have a good read through their website and even check for reviews online from places such as Yell and Trust pilot. Many marriage bureaus should normally also have testimonials on their website which you can have a read through and see what other people say on their business and customer service.

For customer satisfaction few online marriage bureaus provide SSL protected systems which enables complete privacy, security and confidentiality. The system cannot be hacked and all your personal information will be secure. Be sure to look out for SSL protected systems.

A marriage bureau is a safe, halal way to meet for matrimony.

Some online marriage bureaus offer money back guarantees if a member does not receive a match within a given time limit.

Some marriage bureaus take time to explain in detail how procedures are carried out and they offer complete customer support along the way.

Make sure that the bureau you are signing up to has a large member database so you are guaranteed to receive a match. Finding a match can take some time, if it has been over a month and you have not received a single match then it is time to make a decision; are you are going to stay with that bureau or leave to join another more credible one? Although many marriage bureaus have thousands of members it should not take longer than one month to find a match.

Some of the pros of online marriage bureaus are that they are safe and inexpensive with one off payments opposed to before and after marriage payments. The service is one hundred percent halal and Muslim approved.

Systems and stored details are all private and confidential and are SSL protected. They have large databases with a variety of people from different backgrounds. Money back guarantees are offered if a person does not receive a match within a given time period. Ongoing customer support is offered via telephone or email. Secure payment systems are used that are recognised worldwide such as PayPal.

Although there are many pros of marriage bureaus there are very few cons. Examples are – some marriage bureaus charge before and after marriage fees which can be expensive…Systems are not protected and unsafe…Many times marriage bureaus will take a long time to find a match and can leave people very frustrated.

Hum Marriage Bureau offers all the pros and none of the cons, they are extremely trusted with 5 star reviews on Yell, Trust Pilot and Tumblr. There is a one off payment fee and all information is SSL protected.

Hum Marriage Bureau offers all the pros and none of the cons, they are extremely trusted with 5 star reviews on Yell, Trust Pilot and Tumblr

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