• Are you looking for the best Muslim marriage site?
  • Having trouble finding the right partner for marriage?
  • Tired of online dating?

If you can answer yes to any of the above then you have come to the right place! We have done the searching for you to provide you with, what is in our opinion; the best Muslim marriage site of all time. Read on to find out more…

The usual dating agencies out there match two human individuals using algorithms and strands of technological code. This is all good and well when you wouldn’t mind being matched with an owl simply because the two of you ‘love a night out’! Other dating sites allow you to do the searching yourself; sift through the strange stalkers and whacky weirdos as they relentlessly ask for inappropriate things, while you simply ‘unmatch and block’. C’est drôle…really…

So you’re left with a couple of options; go solo, a life of dignity, solemnity, and solitude, like a plant…Or find a suitable marriage bureau instead of trying to get down with the dating scene, because lets face it; you’re no spring chicken anymore, and dating sites are full of kids these days…or as we call them, ‘little boys’; a derogatory phrase we hurl at them in an attempt to damage their ego once they have let us down.

So you choose the more sensible latter root, and opt for a successful muslim marriage bureau. But wait! how do you know you’ll get your money’s worth?! We want frequent matches, with family involvement, decent people, professional? Educated? Easy on the eyes, maybe a little taller than 6 feet, and if we push; someone who can cook…so which marriage bureau will be able to look into these fussy nitpicks?? We have the answer:

Hum Marriage Bureau!

Ok, in the spirit of keeping it simple, i’ll list the facts –

  • Huge database of serious individuals
  • Family involvement
  • Matchmaking done for you
  • Private and secure
  • The greatness of the human brain to find suitable matches
  • “Halal” ?
  • Register Online or over the phone
  • Your photographs are kept safe and are never sent out
  • High Success Rate
  • 5 Star reviews and excellent customer service
  • Frequent Matches
  • Background Checks on profiles
  • Profile Advice
  • A 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Only £79 for 12 Months Membership!
  • And best of all, no funny business


Check them out using the link below. They have fantastic customer service, so why not give them call on 07857037167 to hear how they can help you find your ideal Muslim marriage partner?

After a thorough comparison in service, pricing, success rates and database size, I found Hum Marriage to be #1 on the podium of best Muslim marriage sites. SMB came in at a respectful 2nd Place simply because of the difference in price; a similar service from them is around £1200 for 12 Months. And in 3rd place came Birmingham Central Mosque marriage bureau. Hum Marriage offers the larger database and a wider selection of professional Muslims along with a dedicated Matchmaker and longer hours of operation. (See their Opening Times Here). Hum Marriage also offers a more professional Matchmaking experience, in my opinion, which is kinda’ the point ?

So for a Halal time in finding your Muslim partner using a fantastic Marriage Site, Click Here.

For a more detailed guide on how Hum Marriage Bureau’s service works Click Here.

Thanks for reading!


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Hum Marriage Bureau