Free Matrimonial Sites
Posted by hummarriage | 09 June 2017| Blog

Free Matrimonial Sites   Do not sign up to free muslim matrimonial sites before reading this!! There are numerous free matrimonial sites in the UK and worldwide offering services to single Muslim men and women. Some free matrimonial sites offer a free sign- up where a customer will spend hours on end entering their basic details,...

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Hum Marriage Reviews
Posted by hummarriage | 23 May 2017| Blog

Hum Marriage Reviews Hum Marriage Bureau is a Muslim marriage agency that helps single Muslim men and women meet in matrimony. They have thousands of single Muslim members worldwide that are seeking marriage. Signing up to Hum Marriage can be done online or over the phone by speaking to a member of the team, it has...

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Halal Marriage Service UK
Posted by hummarriage | 20 May 2017| Blog

Halal Marriage Service There is a substantial amount of Muslim marriage agencies in the UK and worldwide, many marriage agencies claim to offer a halal marriage service but defeat the purpose of it being halal when they allow men and women to interact with one another. Interaction occurs when a single Muslim woman and a...

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Find A Muslim Partner
Posted by hummarriage | 21 April 2017| Blog

Find A Muslim Partner Finding a Muslim partner is easy if you live in a country like Pakistan or another Muslim country, but if you live in a country whose religion is predominately not Islam, then you might have some difficulties finding the perfect Muslim life partner. Other individuals in the United Kingdom discover their companions...

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Single Muslim Women - Muslim marriages
Posted by hummarriage | 13 April 2017| Blog

Enslaved by my Husband   This story is for all the single Muslim women out there that are finding it hard to live the life they have been given. Growing up as a child in the UK I would always hear of and come across romantic love stories; beauty and the beast, Romeo and Juliet, sleeping...

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Muslim Marriage Agencies UK
Posted by hummarriage | 06 April 2017| Blog, HomePage

Muslim Marriage Agencies   Arranged marriages are a standard practice in numerous social orders, yet the screening procedure can be a trial for the youngsters involved – regardless of the possibility that they are satisfied with the inevitable result. Some Western Muslims have inferred that web-based matchmaking can help decrease shame, this is where Muslim marriage agencies...

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The Best Muslim Marriage Site
Posted by hummarriage | 01 April 2017| Blog, HomePage

The Best Muslim Marriage Site   Are you looking for the best Muslim marriage site? Having trouble finding the right partner for marriage? Tired of online dating?   If you can answer yes to any of the above then you have come to the right place! We have done the searching for you to provide you with,...

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My Experience with Hum Marriage
Posted by hummarriage | 20 March 2017| Blog

My Experience with Hum Marriage   November 2016 My name is Neelam, I am 31 years old from Manchester UK. I have never been married before although I have been trying extremely hard to find Mr right. You may be wondering why I’m 31 years old and still not married yet, I am well aware...

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Interesting Facts About Islam
Posted by hummarriage | 18 March 2017| Blog

Interesting Facts about Islam & The Golden Age   Algebra, from the Arabic al-jabr, originated in the Islamic world; Symbols and equations, trigonomic ratios were all founded by Muslims. Some of the notable developments during the Golden Age Of Islam include; The Science of Power or mechanics, an incredible description of gravity (way before Newton!),...

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Muslim Marriage SItes
Posted by hummarriage | 14 February 2017| Blog

Muslim Marriage Sites Muslim marriage sites are extremely popular worldwide; there are a vast number of Muslim marriage sites in the UK offering a variety of services. The most common service provided by Muslim marriage sites is to sign up online using your personal details, upload a picture, fill in your ‘bio’ and state what you are...

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Is Islam A Religion Of Peace?
Posted by hummarriage | 16 January 2017| Blog

Islam: Peace or Terror?   Is Islam a religion of peace? By the end of this article you will be able to make your own mind up as to whether or not it is. Let’s start from the basics, the word Islam means to submit to the One and only God, ‘Allah’. Allah is the...

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Islam And Science
Posted by hummarriage | 14 January 2017| Blog

Islam and Science   The Quran is a book from God that was revealed unto Prophet Muhammad over 1400 years ago. A book of guidance, good news, knowing right from wrong, past stories of other prophets and of course Science. The Quran was given to Prophet Muhammad over a period of 23 years. There are...

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Is Prophet Muhammad Mentioned In The Bible?
Posted by hummarriage | 12 January 2017| Blog

Is Prophet Muhammad mentioned in the bible?   This is a widely discussed topic among Christians and Muslims, Christians believe that no, Muhammad is not mentioned in bible and Muslims believe that yes he is, even by name. So let’s take a look at a few of the verses where Muslims believe that Muhammad is...

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Muslim Team donates to Charitable Causes for Christmas
Posted by hummarriage | 27 December 2016| Blog

Muslim Team Donates To Charitable Causes For Christmas   Hum Marriage the Muslim Matchmaking Agency for Marriage has donated to a number of Charitable organisations and have been reported to have volunteered at a Soup Kitchen In London for Christmas. In the spirit of uniting faiths and helping all those who need it, the team...

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My Husband Cheated On Me
Posted by hummarriage | 22 December 2016| Blog

My Husband Cheated On Me – I Thought Cheating Only Happened In The Movies…     Hi my name is Taira, I’m 34 years of age, Born and raised in the heart of British Pakistan, Bradford UK. At the age of 26 after completing my art degree my parents decided to get me married. I can’t...

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Fake Profiles On Muslim Dating Sites
Posted by hummarriage | 08 December 2016| Blog

Fake Profiles On Muslim Dating Sites?!   Marriage and dating websites are becoming increasingly popular in today’s world. Millions of people worldwide are using online dating and matrimonial sites to find love. Many single men and women are very pleased with the services however a huge number of people are not! Studies have shown that...

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Single Muslims in the UK! There Is Still Hope
Posted by hummarriage | 07 December 2016| Blog, HomePage

Single Muslims In The UK! There Is Still HopeThe majority of the single muslims in the UK have little option when it comes to partner searches. With online dating platforms being shunned amongst the muslim community, what options are available?Are you a single Muslim? Can’t find a partner? Tired of being alone?! Great news! Through...

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Finding A Muslim Wife
Posted by hummarriage | 28 November 2016| Blog

Finding a Muslim wife Finding a Muslim wife can be complicated in today’s day and age especially when the average Muslim man can be extremely demanding! Many Muslim men want the perfect woman when finding a Muslim wife, others simply want a decent Muslim woman that can cook and raise a family. Complications occur for...

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Our Guide
Posted by hummarriage | 01 November 2016| Blog

Our Guide   A Step-by-Step Guide For Hum Marriage Bureau   So you want to get married? Great! We are here to make the MatchMaking process as easy and as swift as possible! Here’s a summary of our service  – Have a read through the information on our website When you are happy to do so,...

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Single Muslim, muslim and single, muslim matrimony, muslim marriage online
Posted by hummarriage | 23 October 2016| Blog, HomePage

Single Muslim Are you a single Muslim? Can’t find a single Muslim partner? Tired of being a single Muslim? Great news! All of these problems can now be solved when you sign up to Hum Marriage Bureau. Hum Marriage Bureau is a Marriage Bureau for any single Muslim; we have OVER 2400 single Muslim members...

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Muslim And Single
Posted by hummarriage | 20 October 2016| Blog, HomePage

Muslim and Single   Muslim and single? Don’t worry, Hum Marriage Bureau is the UK’s leading Marriage Bureau with over 2300 Muslim and single members. Whether you are Muslim and single in Birmingham or London or anywhere in the UK we have members that are looking for marriage. Hum Marriage Bureau is one of the...

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Find A Muslim Partner
Posted by hummarriage | 19 October 2016| Blog, HomePage

Find A Muslim Partner   Hum Marriage bureau is a muslim marriage agency to help customers find a muslim partner. We personally go through your matches and handpick the most ideal candidates for you. Our Goal is simple, to help you find a muslim partner within your 12 month membership package. You get a dedicated...

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Shaadi Online
Posted by hummarriage | 19 October 2016| Blog

Shaadi Online   Finding Shaadi Online can sometimes be difficult, especially with all the online dating sites out there! The number of muslim dating sites on the internet is increasing over time. And for some reason, Muslims are looking to these sites to find muslim marriage partners! This is of course ‘Haram’ as dating in...

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Single Muslims
Posted by hummarriage | 18 October 2016| Blog, HomePage

Single Muslims   There are many Single Muslims in the UK and it can be difficult for parents to find decent suitable matches for their children or even adults that are looking for single Muslims. Hum Marriage Bureau has over 2300 single Muslims from all over the world however they mainly boast a massive 90%...

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My Life My Story
Posted by hummarriage | 18 October 2016| Blog

My life My Story By Amira Raja   Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Amira Raja, I am 29 years old and the youngest of 3 sisters. This is my life my story that I feel the need to share as situations like mine are extremely common in UK Pakistani families. When I...

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London Marriage Bureaus
Posted by hummarriage | 13 October 2016| Blog

London Marriage Bureaus London marriage bureaus are not very common, although there are London marriage bureaus many are not halal agencies. London marriage bureaus operate as dating websites and advertise as Muslim marriage bureaus, this is extremely misleading and can result in many unpleasant customers. London marriage bureaus generally operate in a particular region of...

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UK Marriage Agency
Posted by hummarriage | 27 September 2016| Blog

UK Marriage AgencyA UK Marriage Agency, also known as a marriage bureau is an organisation to help single Muslims around the world get married the halal way. A UK marriage agency will take a person’s details such as age, location, job etc. and match that person with a suitable candidate. UK marriage agencies are extremely...

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The Difference Between Hum Marriage And Other Marriage Bureaus
Posted by hummarriage | 23 September 2016| Blog

The Difference Between Hum Marriage And Other Marriage Bureaus   Hum Marriage Bureau is UK’s leading and fastest growing Muslim marriage bureau. We boast a colossal 2300 single Muslim members! Hum marriage bureau is one of the only marriage bureaus that offer a 100% money back guarantee giving customers peace of mind when signing up....

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Islamic Marriage Bureau
Posted by hummarriage | 21 September 2016| Blog

Islamic Marriage Bureau   Islamic Marriage Bureaus are becoming increasing popular around the world particularly in the UK. Marriage in Islam is different to other religions as relationships outside of marriage are prohibited; therefore an Islamic marriage bureau is the halal way to find a suitable husband or wife. Islamic Marriage bureaus are not online dating...

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Posted by hummarriage | 19 September 2016| Blog, HomePage

Muslim Marriage In Birmingham   Hum Marriage is a Muslim marriage Bureau in Birmingham helping Muslim Singles find marriage partners. We specialise in Muslim marriage in Birmingham for our clients and ensure you guys are happy with matches we send across by doing our due diligence for you! Now as we all know, when our...

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Marriage For Muslims
Posted by hummarriage | 19 September 2016| Blog, HomePage

Marriage For Muslims   Hum Marriage Bureau offers marriage for muslims across the UK. We are committed and determined to get our clients married within their 12 month membership period. Finding Marriage For Muslims is our speciality. We sift through 1000’s of profiles for each and every client until we are satisfied with the match....

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Muslim Marriage Bureaus
Posted by hummarriage | 18 September 2016| Blog, HomePage

Muslim Marriage Bureau   A Muslim Marriage Bureau is extremely useful in today’s day and age especially around the UK. Many single Muslims benefit from an online Muslim Marriage Bureau because they are fast and effective ways to meet in matrimony. The Muslim marriage bureau is the 21st century halal way of finding suitable rishtas for anyone...

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Muslims For Marriage
Posted by hummarriage | 15 September 2016| Blog

Muslims For Marriage   At Hum Marriage Bureau we have numerous muslims for marriage all across the UK looking to find muslim partners in harmony soul and love. We specialise in finding our clients muslim partners and have been so for many years quite successfully thus far. Hum Marriage comprises a team of 6 dedicated...

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the reality of a relationship
Posted by hummarriage | 14 September 2016| Blog

The Reality of a Relationship   In today’s day and age men and women both have high expectations of one another; however life is not all fairy tales. There are a lot of hurdles and to get over them you need thick skin and an elastic heart. No one in this world is perfect in...

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Marriage Bureaus Versus Online Dating
Posted by hummarriage | 25 August 2016| Blog

Marriage Bureaus vs Online Dating   In this day and age online dating is extremely popular among all religions and backgrounds. It is a fast and effective way to meet people online for either relationships or marriage. Many online dating websites have millions of members from around the world that engage in its services daily....

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why the world needs marriage bureaus
Posted by hummarriage | 23 August 2016| Blog

Why The World Needs Marriage Bureaus   Wedding days are the happiest day of a man and woman’s life, however finding a partner can be the most stressful time of a person’s life. Usually your parents will contact all your relatives in the world and ask if they would like to marry you; involving a lot...

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the tragic story of reema iqbal
Posted by hummarriage | 23 August 2016| Blog

The Tragic Story of Reema Iqbal   Reema Iqbal was born in the summer of 1985, Lahore Pakistan. She was raised in a large house hold with many siblings; her father was an Engineer. Reema was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, when growing up she had everything she ever desired and lived...

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Arranged Marriages in Modern Britain
Posted by hummarriage | 27 July 2016| Blog

When we hear of arranged marriages, most of us jump to drastic conclusions, two awkward families, one room but a whole load of delicious samosas. However the sad truth is a lot of these arrangements may be forced, and the samosas might not even be there. But before we begin drilling into the pros and...

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Posted by hummarriage | 15 July 2016| Blog

Are Marriage Bureaus Trustworthy? In short – Yes Marriage bureaus are generally trustworthy and safe to use to use. The procedure is as follows: Sign up by giving the bureau your details such as age, height, country of living etc Make payment online or over the phone. (Secure payment gateways should always be used such...

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Posted by hummarriage | 10 July 2016| Blog

Divorce is very common around the world, many marriages end in divorce and it can be a stressful upsetting time for families especially when kids are involved. The main causes of divorce are: Lack of commitment Too much arguing Unfaithfulness Marrying too young, Unrealistic expectations, Lack of equality in the relationship Abuse Many of these...

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