My Experience with Hum Marriage
Posted by hummarriage | 20 March 2017

My Experience with Hum Marriage   November 2016 My name is Neelam, I am 31 years old from Manchester UK. I have never been married before although I have been...

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Interesting Facts About Islam
Posted by hummarriage | 18 March 2017

Interesting Facts about Islam & The Golden Age   Algebra, from the Arabic al-jabr, originated in the Islamic world; Symbols and equations, trigonomic ratios were all founded by Muslims. Some...

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Muslim Marriage SItes
Posted by hummarriage | 14 February 2017

Muslim Marriage Sites Muslim marriage sites are extremely popular worldwide; there are a vast number of Muslim marriage sites in the UK offering a variety of services. The most common service provided...

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Is Islam A Religion Of Peace?
Posted by hummarriage | 16 January 2017

Islam: Peace or Terror?   Is Islam a religion of peace? By the end of this article you will be able to make your own mind up as to whether...

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Islam And Science
Posted by hummarriage | 14 January 2017

Islam and Science   The Quran is a book from God that was revealed unto Prophet Muhammad over 1400 years ago. A book of guidance, good news, knowing right from...

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Is Prophet Muhammad Mentioned In The Bible?
Posted by hummarriage | 12 January 2017

Is Prophet Muhammad mentioned in the bible?   This is a widely discussed topic among Christians and Muslims, Christians believe that no, Muhammad is not mentioned in bible and Muslims...

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Muslim Team donates to Charitable Causes for Christmas
Posted by hummarriage | 27 December 2016

Muslim Team Donates To Charitable Causes For Christmas   Hum Marriage the Muslim Matchmaking Agency for Marriage has donated to a number of Charitable organisations and have been reported to...

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My Husband Cheated On Me
Posted by hummarriage | 22 December 2016

My Husband Cheated On Me – I Thought Cheating Only Happened In The Movies…     Hi my name is Taira, I’m 34 years of age, Born and raised in the...

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Fake Profiles On Muslim Dating Sites
Posted by hummarriage | 08 December 2016

Fake Profiles On Muslim Dating Sites?!   Marriage and dating websites are becoming increasingly popular in today’s world. Millions of people worldwide are using online dating and matrimonial sites to...

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Single Muslims in the UK! There Is Still Hope
Posted by hummarriage | 07 December 2016

Single Muslims In The UK! There Is Still Hope The majority of the single muslims in the UK have little option when it comes to partner searches. With online dating...

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