My Experience with Hum Marriage

My Experience with Hum Marriage

My Experience with Hum Marriage

My Experience with Hum Marriage


November 2016

My name is Neelam, I am 31 years old from Manchester UK. I have never been married before although I have been trying extremely hard to find Mr right. You may be wondering why I’m 31 years old and still not married yet, I am well aware of how less likely it is to get married for a girl as she ages, TRUST ME I hear it from my mom and aunties almost every day! I could be having the best day ever, could go sky diving, swim with dolphins, but when I get home and put my feet up with a cup of tea, my mom will walk past and say something along the lines of ‘You are getting too old, no one will marry you’…ruining my day and putting me in a bad mood, but that’s probably because there is some truth behind it. I mean it’s not like I’m not trying to find someone, a lot of men add me on Facebook but when they message its always something like ‘Hey how you doing, can I have your number?’ This is an instant put off for 99.9% of girls and majority of the time ends in blocking them.

December 2016

I have tried online dating, marriage sites, Muslim marriage sites and my parents even signed me up for Mosque marriage bureaus in Manchester, Birmingham and London. I do get the odd rishta coming but they are generally a bit too short for me, well now you are wondering how tall is she? Brace yourselves! I am 5 feet 10 inches…without shoes! Gigantic I know, what’s worse is I am Pakistani, so the average height for males is 5 foot 8 – 5 foot 9. It is a problem being so tall and sometimes I do feel insecure but hey that’s the way I was made and I have to learn to love myself! Being tall does make it difficult to find someone but there must be at least one man over 6 feet tall in the world that is for me! I refuse to give up! Well even if I did give up I highly doubt my parents would throw in the towel! I have seen a few couples here and there while out and about where the wife is taller than the husband however for me I would feel extremely uncomfortable and like an overgrown giant, but that’s just me.

January 2017

New Year, new me, same problems! I’m still not married. 😐 my stress is increasing daily as my 32nd birthday is approaching fast; the nightmares I’m having are terrible, instead of my birthday cake reading ‘Happy 32nd Birthday Neelam,’ it reads ’32 and still not married?!’ Upsetting isn’t it. Today I got a message from my best friend Sadia, she said ‘Hey hun, I have an early birthday present for you!’ Now in my mind I was thinking YES maybe it’s those Jimmy Choos I slightly hinted about last week! Then she mentioned she had signed me up to an online Muslim marriage bureau called Hum marriage! At first I was like darn it, I wanted those shoes! But afterwards, I was like how kind and thoughtful of you! Sadia had given my details to Hum marriage and told me all I had to do was sit back and let them do the work. I had never heard of them until Sadia had mentioned it,  but I trusted her as she told me her elder brother got marriage through Hum marriage. I had some bad experiences with other marriage bureaus and online dating sites so I wasn’t dreaming of wedding cakes yet! After 2 weeks I received a match from Hum giving me my first introduction, all I had to do was contact them myself. I sent my match a message on WhatsApp, we got to know each other but as I got to know him a bit more he mentioned he was in to polygamy. I have nothing against polygamy however it’s just something that I’m not comfortable with. So that match didn’t go too well.

February 2017

I received my second match shortly after the first, this time I thought it would be ideal to talk on the phone first before exchanging pictures so I can get a better understanding of his personality. I’m not too fussy on looks as long as he was over 6 foot which both matches were, so thumbs up Hum Marriage! Thankfully this guy was into monogamy, so safe to say I won’t be sharing a kitchen with another 3 women! Time has gone on and I have gotten to know my match well, we have exchanged pictures and we are both happy to meet along with families.

March 2017

My family met Saiful’s at their house, the drive was not too far, both me and Saiful like each other in person and have agreed to set a date for the nikkah, I am extremely happy with the match and the fast service provided by the bureau. They stayed in contact throughout the procedure and I got a very warm feeling from them. They were very understanding and both matches were suited to me perfectly based on looks and personality. The polygamy issue was a bit of a bummer, but it’s still A LOT less worse than what I experienced on other online sites! The stories I could tell you about “online dating sites” you would not believe, many times a man pretending to be 30 that looked literally 60! Crazy isn’t it, however all is sorted now and im engaged to marry! Finally, unfortunately the wedding will be after my birthday but at least now I have dreams of the cake reading ‘Happy 32nd Birthday Neelam & Congratulations On The Wedding’, might have to be a big cake to fit all that on but THANKS HUM MARRIAGE!




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Hum Marriage

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