Fake Profiles On Muslim Dating Sites

Fake Profiles On Muslim Dating Sites

Fake Profiles On Muslim Dating Sites

Fake Profiles On Muslim Dating Sites?!


Marriage and dating websites are becoming increasingly popular in today’s world. Millions of people worldwide are using online dating and matrimonial sites to find love. Many single men and women are very pleased with the services however a huge number of people are not!

Studies have shown that many online dating and matrimonial websites actually have fake profiles…These fake profiles come in many forms; spammers, scammers, bots, the overly-serious; you know, the creepy ones…and the non serious…

Bots are created to portray a real person with full personal bio included! They are essentially computer programmes with a fake image and prerecorded messages. Some bots are so advanced that they will even reply back to your messages – you might even enjoy the conversation…I know I have!

Some people believe many online dating websites create fake profiles themselves and use random Google images to interact with other members. This is extremely misleading and definitely not cool! All your hard earned money and time is being spent talking to fake people around the world; maybe you are conversing with a female that is actually a male behind their computer screen…hmmm…The other type of “fake” is a person who befriends you just for the sole purpose of tricking you into giving them money! Watch out for these slippery critters! Fake profiles are extremely common and we would love to name and shame but unfortunately there are so many it would take a lifetime. But fear not good readers, we will teach you how to spot a fake and offer more effective alternatives to finding a partner online.

First things first, sign up to a reputable dating or marriage agency. Do some research and find one that meets your criteria. A lot of the online dating agencies available tell us they “verify” users. This really doesn’t help very much, as it just tells us the member has access to a credit card…still not the most effective way of ensuring the person you are talking to is who they say they are.

So find places that offer a more personalised service, maybe one where the employees speak to members over the telephone and carry out some form of background checking. Another point would be make sure you read profiles in depth! Fake members won’t take time filling out their full profile bio so this can sometimes be an easy way to spot them out.

Look out for messages that are identical or generic; you might receive the same message from a few different profiles. This is obviously a “bot”…so just ignore and save your time!

The truth is, paid sites offer more protection, and spammers tend to avoid them. So yes, you might have to fork out a little to see results.

Often in news reports, we hear online dating members use fake profile images. They tend to use celebrity pictures or photo editing tools to adjust the look of celebrities in order to attract other innocent members. Best thing here is this; just know your celebrities!

If marrying a bot is what you desire than signing up to an online dating website is the way to go 😉

On the other hand if finding true love and matrimony is what you desire then signing up to an online marriage bureau is the best way to go. Members are usually real and are stored on a private database that is security protected for customer satisfaction. A lot of them have high customer satisfaction rates, and also high success rates due to the personal matchmaking done by professionals. Some of the services offered by marriage bureaus are –

Dedicated matchmakers – they will actively find matches for you and send you their information

Regular matches – you’ll receive frequent matches who are suited to you

Telephone Consultations – members will have telephone conversations with the bureau to go through their profiles, this at least provides some comfort knowing the member is an actual human!

So do some research, have a look around, we have provided a couple of links below, weigh up your options before parting with some hard earned cash. Best of luck!


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