Marriage and dating websites are becoming extremely popular in today’s world. Millions of people worldwide are using online dating and matrimonial sites to find love. Many single men and women are also very pleased with the services however a large number of people are not! Heard of fake profiles on marriage and dating sites? Read on…

Studies have shown that many online dating and matrimonial websites actually have fake member profiles. These fake profiles are known as bots and are created to portray a certain person with a full personal information list. Some bots are so highly advanced that they will even reply back to your online messages. Don’t be fooled! Leading online dating websites boast over millions of members, however how many are genuine?

Research has also shown that many online dating websites create fake profiles themselves and use random google images to interact with other members. This is an extremely disgusting and misleading practice. Your hard earned money and time is being spent talking to fake people around the world, maybe you are conversing with a female that is actually a male behind their computer screen! Fake profiles are extremely common especially on online dating websites where you can see member profiles.

Often in news reports, information has be released that members on online dating websites are using fake profile images and they tend to use celebrity pictures or they use photo editing tools to adjust the look of celebrities in order to attract other innocent members.

A true matrimonial website is one that has a believable amount of members and offers a private service. Verified and vetted clients offers peace of mind.

Some online dating websites advertise ‘Celebrating over 1 Million members’. This can sometimes be a false and misleading advertising procedure, and is completely immoral and can upset many people once they realise that a large number of those 1 million members can be fake.

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