Hum Marriage is a muslim marriage agency to help customers find a muslim partner. We personally go through your matches and handpick the most ideal candidates for you.

Our Goal is simple, to help you find a muslim marriage partner within your 12 month membership package.

You get a dedicated matchmaker and with the help of a solid team, you begin receiving matches within days of registering.

Now we all know marriage is a long and tricky process, so we can’t expect to get you married off within a month or two after we find a muslim partner for you! This process takes time, it may take 1 month, it may take 11 months! But we aim to get all of our clients married within 12 months!

Helping you find a muslim partner isn’t the easiest process, thats why we hired the best in the biz! Our company houses a team of matchmaking specialists who have plenty of knowledge in the industry and help you find a muslim partner quicker than other marriages agency routes! We aren’t like the normal marriages bureaus out there. We offer a bespoke service to help you find a muslim partner. Click Here to see what sets us apart from the rest! Your experienced and dedicated matchmaker will be available to assist you with all bespoke queries and aim to get you married as quickly as possible! You are able to sign up using our website 24 hours a day. Your account will be processed the next working day and we will start working on your matches to help you find a muslim partner within no time.

Many of our clients find a muslim partner to marry within a few months, but not without some effort! By no means are you expected to do any of the leg work! Thats what we are here for! We do all the searching for you to find a muslim partner suitable enough for your to marry.  This of course can take time and can require a few failed attempts before getting it right. We find a muslim partner for you based on age, height, personality, character, education, caste, location and more! But as we all know everyone is different! What we think is suitable in looks may not be for you. So we may go through a few matches as we learn more about you and your liking to help you find a muslim partner. Usually clients tell us their likes and dislikes in more detail after they receive their first match as they have an example that they can work with.

The advice we can offer is as follows, when we try to find a muslim partner for you, be patient and offer us as much feedback as you can with every match we send you. This helps us tailor future matches better. We are constantly getting clients married and new clients are joining our database daily. If you’ve had no luck with the first few matches, then fear not! the next one might be that special someone! As always, when we find a muslim partner for you, be on your best behaviour! Impress and be confident. We hope it goes well for all of our beloved customers!