Finding a Muslim Husband can be a challenging and stressful experience especially when you have certain requirements. Many single Muslim women in the UK require well educated, decent, tall Muslim men when finding a Muslim Husband. This can be a difficult task for single Muslim women and also for their parents. All parents and guardians want the best for their daughters, finding a Muslim Husband that is well educated or financially stable allows parents or guardians to have peace of mind.

When finding a Muslim husband many women tend to look for a few qualities: (In no particular order)

Around the same age
Near or close to the same location
Practicing Islam
Taller than her
Financially stable
Some form of qualification
Good looking
Caring/Sense of humour/Loving
Family oriented

It is very hard these days when finding a Muslim husband, many men and women often are introduced by families or tend to be related or distantly related. A large number of these marriages unfortunately end in divorce. Studies have shown that divorce is increasing highly in the UK, US and Europe. Other studies conducted have shown that one of the main causes of divorce were due to one or both of the partners not being happy with the marriage before it even took place. When finding a Muslim husband it is crucial that he meets most of your personal requirements. There still is a chance of the marriage not working out in the future but the chances are slimmer compared to a single Muslim female or male being unhappy before the marriage has taken place.

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