Do not sign up to free muslim matrimonial sites before reading this!!

There are numerous free matrimonial sites in the UK and worldwide offering services to single Muslim men and women. Some free matrimonial sites offer a free sign- up where a customer will spend hours on end entering their basic details, about themselves, what they are looking for, answering hundreds of questions before uploading a picture of themselves only to find out they have to pay a monthly membership fee at a ridiculous price, just to interact with one another. This is a very common problem that millions of people worldwide encounter when joining some free matrimonial sites. In other words, these free matrimonial sites are not free, it is a marketing scheme used by clever tacticians to attract people in to using their services, having a taste of what they offer, then charging you for it. It may be good and well usually, but read on to find out more…

Some free matrimonial sites boast thousands or even millions of members; unfortunately this may be false and is another marketing scheme used to attract members to sign up. Such free muslim matrimonial sites only have few real members, the rest are fake. So not only are you spending hours creating an online profile to find out you have to pay a large fee every month, you may also not receive any messages! Leaving you thinking you will never be married! This is definitely the case with some free matrimonial sites. There may be a small number of free matrimonial sites that actually do offer a 100% free membership with no fees at all, sounds great doesn’t it? Sorry, but some of these sites have a very small number of members with many being fake. They offer poor interaction services such as an e-mail like messaging system. Profiles may not be verified or checked and you may be talking to a totally different person to the one in the picture, that’s if they even have a profile picture visible. Below is a list of problems with some free matrimonial sites:

  • Advertise as free but charge a monthly on-going membership fee to message other users
  • Minuscule number of members
  • Fake profiles
  • Poor interaction services
  • No online safety
  • Easily hacked so your personal information could get leaked!
  • Ridiculous price for a poor service
  • Profiles that were created over 10 years ago which are no longer used
  • Time wasting/money consuming
  • No online reviews
  • Dodgy characters! The scammers looking for money or a visa!

Plus much more! Such free matrimonial sites can be incredibly dangerous to the good single muslim men and women out there! If you are serious about marriage and you are looking for a husband or wife then stop wasting your time searching for free matrimonial sites. There is a matrimonial site for single Muslim men and single Muslim women that help you find that perfect spouse with none of the problems you would receive from free matrimonial sites…

Hum Marriage Bureau is a Muslim matchmaking service that has changed the game completely! They are not your typical marriage agencyHum Marriage Bureau is a professional registered company that do all the work for you! Unlike free matrimonial sites you will not have fake members; all member information is stored on their offline private and secure database. Hum marriage have a large database of verified users; there is no online interaction. You simply sign up online or over the phone, and make a ONE-OFF payment for an unbeatable price of only £79 for a whole year! There are no additional fees or monthly payments! The price Hum marriage bureau charges per year is half the price that some ‘free’ matrimonial sites charge per month! Still not satisfied? Want to see a list of differences? Here’s why Hum Marriage Bureau is the most awesome matrimonial site available:

  • One off payment with no additional fees
  • Extremely large number of members worldwide, especially in the UK
  • Meets all your requirements with every match given
  • 100% real and verified members
  • Offline interactions through Text/WhatsApp/Telephone/Email
  • 100% online safety when registering – SSL encrypted
  • Unbeatable price for an amazing service
  • All members are active
  • 100s of 5-star online reviews

Plus a lot more! Don’t waste your time searching for free matrimonial sites, get signed up to Hum Marriage Bureau now!

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