There is a substantial amount of Muslim marriage agencies in the UK and worldwide, many marriage agencies claim to offer a halal marriage service but defeat the purpose of it being halal when they allow men and women to interact with one another. Interaction occurs when a single Muslim woman and a single Muslim man chat/meet without the presence of a Wali (guardian) or Mahram (unmarriageable kin) this is deemed impermissible by a vast amount of Muslim scholars and is not considered as being a halal marriage service.

It is a well-known fact a few marriage agencies that offer a halal marriage service actually practice forbidden dating techniques that are shunned upon by Muslim scholars worldwide. The dating technique they offer is after a single Muslim man and single Muslim woman have introduced themselves to each other online through instant messaging or webcam, they meet at the marriage agencies headquarters and are left alone in a room to talk with one another without family if they request. Once the victimised customer has been bought in by the fake halal marriage service being offered by the marriage agency, they then realise that it is frowned upon and tend to leave as they understand a true halal marriage service will not offer such a procedure.

The procedure above can also be dangerous to women by entering a building where men are present and without taking a wali or mahram, thus being another reason as to why it is frowned upon by Muslim scholars and proving that marriage agencies as such are not providing a halal marriage service. So what makes a halal marriage service that is accepted by all Muslim scholars and all single Muslim men and women? Below is a list of some points that make a Muslim marriage agency a true halal service:

  • Private member database
  • No online profiles being publicised
  • No online interaction such as webcam or other indecent forms of communication
  • No fake profiles
  • All matches are verified and are real people (not fake online members)
  • Family members or a guardian is always advised to be present and/or involved
  • Meetings are arranged to take place in a safe and busy environment such as a coffee shop etc.

The points listed above are what make a halal marriage service; unfortunately the majority of Muslim marriage agencies are not following these practices and are classed more as online dating sites. Is this bad news for all single Muslims? Definitely not, Hum Marriage Bureau is a marriage agency that offers a 100% halal marriage service. They offer an unbeatable price of only £79 with no extra fees; this makes Hum marriage bureau the lowest priced halal marriage service in the UK that offers a superior service to other agencies. The question you may be thinking is what makes Hum marriage bureau different to other agencies and what makes it halal, below is a short list of halal services Hum marriage provide that others don’t.

  • Private offline database that is secured
  • No visible pictures online or member profiles
  • Parents or guardians are usually involved
  • Background checks carried out
  • Pictures are only exchanged between matches after they have gotten to know each other.
  • Hum marriage does not send any pictures out to members

Hum marriage bureau has an extremely high success rate with hundreds of five star reviews on and many 10/10 reviews on tumbler. Hum marriage has an enormous amount of members signing up with them regularly who have come from other marriage agencies, because they have had unpleasant experiences with bureaus/agencies offering a fake halal marriage service. If you or anyone you know is looking to get married the halal permissible way then signing up to Hum marriage bureau is a must! When signing up, a few details will be taken such as Name age height etc. After payment has been made the member will receive a dedicated matchmaker that will go through thousands of Single Muslim women or men profiles to find the most perfect match in marriage.

Signing up can be done online or over the phone and can take no longer than 5-10 minutes. A member of the team will answer any enquiries you may have and make sure your journey for finding the right partner is as uncomplicated as it can be. If you are looking for a true halal marriage service then Hum marriage Bureau is the start to completing half your deen.

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