How It Works

1. Create Your Profile

Register your profile online – tell us your name, age, height, education, profession, marital status, personality and requirements so we know what we need to look for!
Your profile will be activated the next working day and the process begins!

2. MatchMaking

Our Matchmakers will go through your profile to find suitable matches for you.
They will send you your first match’s information via SMS, WhatsApp or email, including details such as name, age, city, education, profession, personality, marital status and contact details. Your first match is sent within a given time frame - depending on the package to which you are subscribed
You and your match will receive similar information about one another at the same time – nothing sensitive is sent out i.e. “age” instead of “date of birth” and only first name instead of full name (or even your first initial instead of your first name if you want! Just let us know when registering). Your match contact information may be for the individual themselves or their family member - it will state this next to the contact details sent to you.

3. Contact

You can then contact one another, swap photographs, discuss meeting up if you are both happy to do so and take it from there!
If you aren’t happy, and would like another match, please simply send a message to your matchmaker to let them know.
Your matchmaker will then allocate you a new match date within a given time frame (depending on the package to which you are subscribed)

Further Information

Your matchmaker will communicate with you via messaging. We handpick matches to suit your profile and requirements. Profiles are vetted and verified using a company which checks our client's backgrounds such as age, location & more. Photographs are only sent out with the owners permission to respect the privacy of our clients (On our Platinum Package only). Without permission, we cannot send photographs (The same applies to your photographs! We won’t send them to anyone unless you give us permission to do so). Our matchmakers do what they can when matching in regards to appearance based on what you ask of us. We will learn more about your profile in time and hope to be successful!

We are based on Hagley Road in Birmingham City Centre. (See Contact Us for more information). We operate from a call centre, so everything can be done over the telephone, online or via messaging. As such, we have clients from all over the UK.

We have clients from nearly all ethnic backgrounds and heritages including Pakistani, Indian, Bengali, Arab, Caucasian, Afro-Carribean and much more!
All of our clients on our UK database are British Nationals. Ranging from professionals to non-professionals, from a variety of work backgrounds. Some of the clients we attract are affluent, highly reputed and even quite famous! Many celebrities also register with Hum Marriage.
We cater for all individual requirements, whether you feel you are too young or too old! Or if you feel it may be difficult because you are divorced and have children from previous marriages, don’t worry! Get in touch with us, we will give you an idea of how we can help!

Our database is HUGE! We have thousands of Muslim singles registered with us, allowing a fantastic success rate.