How It Works


Create Your Profile Online - It Will Come Through To Us Privately And Will Be Stored On An Offline And An Encrypted Database.
Your Profile and Information Including Any Photographs Will Not Be Posted Online Or Publicly Anywhere. Only Our Female Matchmakers Have Access To Profiles. Simply State Exactly What You're Looking For - e.g. Personality Points, Character, Hobbies, Traits, Age Range, Ethnicities, Marital Status, Education Levels, Height & More. Please Bear In Mind The More Open Your Requirements, The Larger The Pool Of Potential Matches, And The More Accurate Your Matches Can Be In Terms Of Personality, Character And More - Helping Provide More Accurate Matches Leading To A More Compatible And Happy Marriage! And In Turn Of Course A Higher Success Rate - As This Varies From Individual To Individual.


Your Highly Educated (Phd's And More) & Headhunted Dedicated MatchMaker Will Search Through Our Private Database To Handpick Matches Based On Your Profile And Requirements. A great deal of psychology suitability goes into each match - Our Matchmakers with their particular backgrounds in such fields make this aspect a thorough and accurate aspect of the process.
They will send you your first match’s information via SMS, WhatsApp or email, (WhatsApp is preferred due to reliability), including details such as first name, age, city, education, profession, personality, marital status and contact details. Your first match is sent within a given time frame - depending on the package to which you are subscribed. (See Packages & Time Frames Here). Matchmaking is conducted via messaging only - recorded to ensure no disputes regarding any such changes you may make to your requirements or preferences.
You and your match will receive similar information about one another at the same time – nothing sensitive is sent out i.e. “age” instead of “date of birth” and only first name instead of full name. (Or even your first initial instead of your first name if you want! Just let us know when registering - state this within the requirements section). For added privacy you can even request to see your match's information first for you to accept or decline.
Photographs are only sent out with the owners permission to respect the privacy of our clients.
Without permission, we cannot send photographs (The same applies to your photographs! We won’t send them to anyone unless you give us permission to do so). Our matchmakers however do a great job when matching in terms of appearance!
Your match contact information may be for the individual themselves or their family member - it will state this next to the contact details sent to you. Whether you prefer to speak with matches themselves or with family members, simply state this within your requirements.


You can then contact one another, swap photographs, discuss meeting up if both parties are happy to do so and take it from there! (We advise meeting in a public place and also taking someone with you; around half our profiles are handled by family members, and of course if you're happy to do so, you and your family can meet your match and their family; thereby increasing overall safety!
If you aren’t happy, and would like another match, please simply send a message to your matchmaker to let them know.
Your matchmaker will then allocate you a new match date within a given time frame (depending on the package to which you are subscribed). Please provide some feedback as this information can be used to tailor future matches.

The General Process

Your matchmaker will enquire with 20-40 potential matches for you on a match slot booking (sometimes a reasonably larger amount at their own discretion) and handpick the most suitable client out of this selection for you to send to you as a match based on over 15 parameters; including all of your requirements, all of theirs, and chiefly personality, character, hobbies, nature, mind-frame and much more.
Your matchmaker however will not simply send you any match just to fill this match slot and put a short lived smile on your face! We send quality, handpicked matches only.
If your Matchmaker feels there is low levels of suitability they will simply rebook you for another match. This can happen sometimes or often depending on the restrictions/requirements on your profile, your age, height, location, education, marital status, if you have children, appearance-if matches simply decline based on looks, nationality and more.
We can only keep trying. You must understand that the money you spend on a membership is used to pay our matchmakers to go through these profiles for you; which roughly equates to just over minimum wage.
We are not here to make millions of pounds, we are here to help! We provide a genuine and honest service, which has led to our success in matching and incredible large database for a Matchmaking Agency. Most of our clients are successfully matched within their membership period.
Stay positive and trust your Matchmaker to do the absolute best they can! Over the course of your membership you can receive an unlimited number of matches, (depending on criteria, your profile and requirements). Some clients receive 10, others receive 100+ matches. This varies greatly but our ultimate goal is to get you married.
Sifting through countless profiles on apps and dating sites does not unfortunately guarantee any level of compatibility, whereas each match we handpick meets your overall profile on a number of levels; thus eliminating the initial barrier of basic to detailed character matching. Setting us apart from any platform or agency you may have come across.
Our years of experience, 50,000+ British Members in the UK, being the largest Muslim Matchmaking Agency available and a highly experienced, qualified, educated and determined Matchmaker lead to a great success rate. We know of all the pitfalls that exist in the world of Muslim marriage searching, and we have always avoided these.
We Pray and hope we can be successful for you too! (Please read our Terms And Conditions before registration as a legal requirement and so as to ensure you know exactly what to expect and how the service works).

Key Facts

Background Checked

Support & Advice From Your MatchMaker (A Personal Concierge)
& Confidential Service - Nothing Is Posted Publicly & Information Comes Through To Us Privately Via Encrypted Systems
Over 7 Years Of Service Leading To Thousands Of Successes Owed To Our Educated And Trained Matchmakers - Each Headhunted To Provide The Best Possible Service To Our Clients
We Have Sourced The Finest Matchmakers We Possibly Can - Our Head Matchmaker Having Over 22 Years Of Experience In The Marriage & Matching Industry
Matchmaking Is Conducted Via Messaging
Unlimited Number of Matches* (Subject To Criteria & Availability)

Handpicked Matches

Dedicated MatchMaker – Handpicked Matches Based On Your Profile And Requirements
Profile Advice –
Your Best Picture, How Best To Speak With Matches & More
In-Depth Personality Matching To Increase Chances Of Success (Automatically Emailed Upon Registration - Please Reply To The Email Answering Questions To The Best Of Your Ability - This Is Not Mandatory, But Helps Greatly When Matching With Personality, Character, Hobbies, Frame Of Mind And Overall Compatibility - Please Check Your Inbox AND Spam Folder After Registration)
There Are Over 15 Parameters That Our Matchmakers Look In To Detail With Every Match.

Money Back Guarantee

Transparent - One payment And No Additional Fees.
We Also Offer A Full Refund If We Think We Can't Help! (*See Terms And Conditions)
Competitive Pricing - The Prices Of All Packages Compared To Number Of Matches Received And/Or The Time Spent Selecting Perfect Matches Works Out To Be Roughly Minimum Wage!
We Are Here To Simply Help And Provide Matches That Are Incredibly Accurate And Well Suited - We Are Not Here To Make Millions Of Pounds!
We Hope & Pray to Match Every Client Who Registers With Us - We Make No Guarantees, But One Promise - To Try Our Absolute Best!


All Our Profiles Are Vetted & Verified For Your Peace Of Mind (192 People & Social Media Checks As Basic Checking On All Profiles)
Photographic Identification Requested Upon Our Discretion To Ensure Accuracy & Verification Of Members For Your Safety And Guaranteed Authentic Matches
Verified To Ensure No Fake Profiles, No Visa Seekers, No Bots etc (As You Will Receive Telephone Contact Information For Matches And Speak With Real Humans Who Are In Similar Positions To You - Serious Regarding Marriage, Finding A Spouse; Without Rushing, Doing Things The Right Way Instead Of Using A Dating Site Or Platform & More.
As seen on Channel 4, Geo TV & Talk Radio!

What Sort Of Clients Do We Have?

We get asked this all the time, so here is a breakdown! Our clients range from 20 to 75 years of age, 20s, 30s, 40s, up to around 48 being incredibly popular. After 48, numbers start to decline. We have professionals, non-professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs, celebrities, doctors, barristers, chartered accountants, pharmacists, (just about every profession under the sun!). We have clients who have never been married, divorcees, single parents. Pakistani (65% or more of our database), Indian, Bengali, and smaller numbers of Arab, Caucasian, Afro-Caribbean, mixed race, reverts and others. We have clients who are really religious, and clients who aren't religious, and clients in-between. We have clients who are cultured and clients who are not cultured. Clients who handle their profiles themselves, and clients whose family handle their profiles. For Example with clients aged 20-30; there may be a higher chance of a family members handling their profiles, but happy for the client to speak directly once the parents are happy with the details or even before. Clients of 30 years of age and above - there are higher percentages of these individuals handling their profiles themselves - but with their family ready to get involved when needed.
What we are trying to say, is that we have someone for everyone! Simply state what it is you are looking for when registering. Please simple bear in mind the more restrictive you are with preferences and requirements the more difficult matching can be in terms of personality, character and more; the points we find to be highly important in the matchmaking process. So try your best to be as open as possible with age, height, location and other points which hold less bearing in the success and compatibility of a relationship/marriage.
All of our UK clients are British, we have clients outside of the UK, e.g. in the US, Canada, Europe, Pakistan, India and more, however the UK is our largest database at well over High Thousands of serious British single muslims looking for marriage. Yes we can help if you are living abroad, but we will not simply find you someone living in the UK if you are living abroad - you must accept matches from your home country also. For full and detailed information regarding all points across our website please read our terms and conditions by clicking here.

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