Islamic Marriage Bureau

Islamic Marriage Bureau

Islamic Marriage Bureau

Islamic Marriage Bureau


Islamic Marriage Bureaus are becoming increasing popular around the world particularly in the UK. Marriage in Islam is different to other religions as relationships outside of marriage are prohibited; therefore an Islamic marriage bureau is the halal way to find a suitable husband or wife. Islamic Marriage bureaus are not online dating websites, they are completely different and all procedures are done the halal way by keeping information and pictures private. General information about your profile is sent to your matches, and usually parents of the matches handle profiles.

Hum Marriage Bureau is the UK’s leading and fastest growing Islamic Marriage bureau, they boast over 2300 single Muslim members and this is increasing on a daily basis. Signing up can be a hard decision, maybe a person has had bad experiences with other Islamic marriage bureaus, to eradicate any worry, Hum Marriage Bureau offers a 100% money back guarantee to all members if they do not receive a single match within 28 working days. You will receive a dedicated matchmaker who will be on hand any time of the day 7 days per week. Hum Marriage bureau is an online Islamic Marriage Bureau that has a 98% marriage success rate and a 97% happy customer rate. Almost all members on Hum Marriage result in getting married within the first year of signing up, a tiny 2% get married in the second year but this is extremely rare.

Islamic Marriage Bureaus can be extremely expensive, many bureaus charge before and after fees and usually never find matches for their members. Hum Marriage Bureau has the most Inexpensive price in the UK of only £79 for a 12 month membership. This is less than a third of the price of other Islamic Marriage Bureaus. Hum Marriage has an SSL encrypted system and a private database where all member information is kept, no pictures will be sent to anyone or shown to anyone unless Hum Marriage is instructed to do so. Member satisfaction is extremely important and Hum marriage values every customer.

When signing up to Hum Marriage Bureau you have two options, either signing up online at or via telephone: 07857037167. Information such as name, age, height, country/city of living and personal preferences is taken. If a member is uncomfortable giving certain information then that is completely fine, Hum Marriage respects customer privacy.

Many online dating websites advertise as halal Islamic marriage bureaus however they are certainly not; be extra careful when signing up to such sites as they are in fact online dating websites. You can usually tell an online dating website from an Islamic marriage bureau when images are shown of members and online interaction is forced upon a member. A true halal Islamic Marriage Bureau such as Hum Marriage will not have anything of the sort, as mentioned above member confidentiality and privacy is extremely important. If you or anyone you know is looking to sign up to an Islamic marriage bureau then Hum Marriage Bureau is the highest rated Muslim Marriage Bureau in the UK where you will feel at ease when signing up and be in the best hands for future matrimony.


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