London Marriage Bureaus

London Marriage Bureaus

London Marriage Bureaus

London Marriage Bureaus

London marriage bureaus are not very common, although there are London marriage bureaus many are not halal agencies. London marriage bureaus operate as dating websites and advertise as Muslim marriage bureaus, this is extremely misleading and can result in many unpleasant customers. London marriage bureaus generally operate in a particular region of London such as east London or North London, this limits the variety of members and generally no one ends up getting married. Signing up to a London marriage bureau is an unwise decision however if you enjoy the pressure and grief from your mother hassling you every day for not getting married then signing up to a London marriage bureau is an option.

If you are fed up with the mental abuse of your parents then signing up to a halal well established London marriage bureau that operates worldwide is the way to go. Hum Marriage Bureau is a worldwide Muslim marriage bureau that has over 2400 members; they have a 99% happy customer rate and a 98% marriage success rate. 98% of Hum marriages single Muslim customers result in marrying in the first year. 99% of customers are extremely pleased with Hum Marriage’s halal service which means a lot of happy mothers!

Hum Marriage Bureau is the fastest growing London Marriage Bureau; they have many single Muslim members from all over London deriving from various backgrounds. Hum Marriage head office is in Birmingham but it’s reach extends well over London, meaning they have hundreds of clients from all parts of London. Hum marriage bureau has a private member database that cannot be accessed by anyone except the trusted team of Matchmakers at Hum Marriage. All member information and images are kept securely and privately. Hum Marriage Bureau is also SSL protected to ensure all members have a safe experience, being the only London marriage bureau with all these pros and none of the cons Hum marriage bureau is the best place to find Muslim matrimony. Hum Marriage Bureau has an excellent 5 Star rating on They also have a plethora of reviews at with 100% of reviews being positive feedback. Hum Marriage Bureau is the only London marriage bureau that has 100% positive feedback.

Don’t be fooled by many online marriage agencies! 99% of online marriage agencies advertise as Muslim marriage bureaus however they are actually online dating websites. They tend to decorate their website with religious images to mask the indecency which takes place; they are completely haram and advertise for ‘single Muslims’, ‘Muslims for marriage’ etc. Through much research and numerous surveys our teams have found online dating websites for Muslims to have an extremely large amount of fake members on their databases known as ‘bots’. These bots will tend to reply to your message and say ‘Hi, nice to meet you’, however they are completely fake and computerised.

Hum Marriage Bureau has received mass amounts of customers that have had terrible experiences on ‘Muslim marriage’ or ‘Muslim shaadi’ websites and now want to sign up to a well-known London marriage bureau such as Hum Marriage. If you want to know the differences between real halal Muslim marriage bureaus and online dating websites that advertise as marriage agencies then check out this great blog on Marriage Bureaus Versus Online Dating.

Hum marriage bureau also offers a 100% money back guarantee, so if a member does not receive a single match within 28 working days of signing up then they will receive all their money back with no questions asked. If they wish to carry on the process then they also have that option as well. No London marriage bureau offers a 100% money back guarantee apart from Hum Marriage Bureau.

Registering on Hum Marriage is extremely simple and can be done online using the secure SSL protected system or over the phone. Hum marriage bureau offers the most inexpensive, one-off price of only £79 making it the cheapest London marriage bureau. When registering, a few details will be taken such as age, height, location, job and personal preferences. Signing up is a pleasant experience for customers as Hum Marriage have extremely friendly staff. Once registered you will usually receive your first match within a few days, if you are unhappy then simply contact Hum marriage bureau and you will receive another match. You will also receive a dedicated Matchmaker that will make your journey of finding a Muslim husband or Muslim wife as simple as possible.

Here’s what one of their customers said –

“Before I found Hum Marriage, it was proving to be extremely difficult to find a decent wife in London, I registered with the majority of London marriage bureaus and found no success whatsoever. I tried online dating agencies and also found no luck. Within 3 months of signing up to Hum Marriage bureau I was given many rishtas and I am now happily married. Thank you Hum marriage Bureau for all your help.


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