What is a marriage bureau? A marriage bureau is an agency that strives towards finding single Muslim men and single Muslim women spouses. Unlike dating websites a marriage bureau will do the work for you, examining thousands of member profiles to find you a match based on your personal requirements. Single Muslims in the UK and worldwide benefit from a marriage bureau for the reason that it is completely halal, there are no online profiles with pictures, no online interactions and a single Muslim man or Muslima can sit in the comfort of their own home while receiving matches through text, email or a method of their choosing.


For a Muslima (Muslim woman) a marriage bureau can be just what she is looking for, we understand that female privacy is extremely important especially if she is a pious woman seeking to take the halal route. Many single Muslim women and even single Muslim men are leaving online dating sites that allow their information to be publicised online because they feel unsafe, this is becoming tremendously popular and single Muslims are turning towards a more safe and halal approach which is a Muslim Marriage Bureau. The words ‘marriage bureau’ is a common term used in Muslim Pakistani/Bangladeshi/Indian/Arab households, generally parents will register their children to a marriage bureau or if a single Muslim is above the age of 18. Or the individual can create a profile themselves.

Profiles for a true marriage bureau are created and stored offline without the need of uploading images online. No information is shared with another member unless they have been accepted as a match. Only then basic information will be sent out via text/email generally. Information such as name, age, location will only be given and not confidential information. A halal marriage bureau will not send out an image of another member unless permission is given by that person or family. Once two people are in contact with one another then they can exchange pictures throughout conversation. A high amount of single Muslim women will choose a marriage bureau instead of an online dating website. Many online dating sites can have very little to no real single Muslim women, so a large amount of single Muslim men may be spending time on an online dating website and be getting no luck at all. Unfortunately they may be messaging fake profiles or profiles that were active years ago before a true halal marriage bureau was launched.


If you are a single Muslim man looking for a Muslima then signing up to a marriage bureau is the only chance of finding love and marriage. What makes a marriage agency halal and what makes one labelled as an online dating site? Well the short answer is as mentioned above, an online dating website will be full of member profile pictures that you can send messages to and interact with online. Who are you really talking to? Many have reported that you are made to believe you are talking to a Muslima however you are actually talking to a man that may not even be Muslim at all! There is no way an online dating site can confirm 100% who is behind the screen. Another point worth mentioning is an enormous amount of single Muslims on dating sites are just looking to date and time pass however single Muslim men and women that have registered to a marriage bureau are only looking for a halal marriage.  Many online dating sites call themselves marriage agencies to hide the lie that they are not accepted by many Muslim scholars worldwide. So the key point is that if you can see online profile pictures of other members then you are most likely on an online dating site and unfortunately the outcome can be abysmal.


All is good and well now that we have established that a marriage bureau outweighs most online dating sites for all the benefits, but are all marriage bureaus beneficial? Not all marriage agencies are equal, the reason being that large amounts have an offline system with little organising! When a marriage bureau has thousands of member profiles written on pieces of paper then finding matches can take months on end, leaving single Muslims frustrated. Another reason being, elderly Asian women tend to run marriage agencies from their homes, this is very unprofessional and their reviews are online to be seen by all. To save you some time, we can tell you they are not too great.


So is there a marriage bureau that is the opposite of all the negatives mentioned above? Yes there is and it’s called Hum Marriage Bureau! Hum Marriage is a Muslim marriage Bureau based in the UK that have thousands of single Muslim men and single Muslim women on their private offline secure database. Unlike other marriage agencies Hum marriage have a professional offline encrypted system that allows them to search through thousands of profiles with the click of a finger ensuring you will receive a match on time. They have a dedicated skilled team that have specific job roles that they are experts in from carrying out their roles for years giving them experience like no other marriage bureau. All member profiles are safe and secure and there are absolutely no images posted online. So after reading this you may assume Hum Marriage Bureau charges a very costly price? This is definitely not true and research shows that Hum Marriage is actually one of the most inexpensive halal marriage agencies in the UK.

Hum Marriage Bureau has three packages that have all shown to be highly successful, the packages can be found on the register page by Clicking Here.

The highest priced package has been shown to be a lot more inexpensive than other marriage agencies that offer poor services. Hum Marriage Bureau receives amazing positive feedback which can be seen on review sites such as GoogleYell or Tumbler. There are hundreds of success stories from Hum Marriage members that are now happily married. If you are a single Muslim man looking for a Muslima or a Muslima seeking a single Muslim man then signing up to a marriage bureau such as Hum Marriage Bureau is the best option available. Do not allow yourself you fall into the fallacy that Muslim marriage agencies offering online profiles are halal marriage bureaus, they are definitely not and Muslims claiming they are halal are speaking from a subjective point of view and not objective. Finding a Muslim partner for marriage the halal way with minimal issues can only be done at Hum Marriage and other decent agencies alike.


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