Muslim Divorce In Today’s World

Muslim Divorce In Today’s World


Divorce is very common around the world, many marriages end in divorce and it can be a stressful upsetting time for families especially when kids are involved. The main causes of divorce are:

Lack of commitment
Too much arguing
Marrying too young,
Unrealistic expectations,
Lack of equality in the relationship

Many of these issues can be resolved through marriage counselling or even by simply talking to your husband/wife. Some cannot be mended such as unfaithfulness however many partners that have been cheated on do turn the other cheek for the sake of their children. In the US alone over half of marriages end in divorce, here is a list of countries and their divorce statistics:

10. US: 53% of marriages end in divorce.
9. France: 55% of marriages end in divorce.
8. Cuba: 56% of marriages end in divorce.
7. Estonia: 58% of marriages end in divorce.
6. Luxembourg: 60% of marriages end in divorce.
5. Spain: 61% of marriages end in divorce.
4. Czech Republic: 66% of marriages end in divorce.
3. Hungary: 67% of marriages end in divorce.
2. Portugal 68% of marriages ends in divorce.
1. Belgium 71% of marriages ends in divorce.

As you can see from the list above divorce is extremely common around the world and it is growing yearly. There Is no shame in divorce nor is it always bad thing, divorce takes place because a person is simply not ready for marriage; they may not be mentally ready. This results in constant arguing or cheating. It is roughly estimated that 30%-60% of US citizens will cheat at least once in their life, this is unacceptable and immoral.

Divorce among Muslim communities is also very common, these often happen because parents force their children to marry at such young ages when they have not gained mental maturity, thus resulting in a midlife crises and cheating or arguing all day and night because they were not taught how to handle situations due to lack of experience. This is extremely common however divorces in the middle east usually are private and are ended with 3 words; ’Thalak, Thalak, Thalak’ meaning ‘Divorce, Divorce, Divorce.’ This is usually not accepted if a person was to say this out of anger and later changed their minds.

When children are involved it can be hard for a single parent to raise them alone. The children grow up without a mother or father and this usually affects them mentally. Some children will grow up and will look for short term happiness such as drugs and alcohol not knowing that it will lead to worsening problems. On the other hand some children will decide to make something of their lives and work hard to create a better future for them. This depends on the upbringing a child receives from the single parent or part time parents that have scheduled days to see their children.

Many people that are divorced tend to get themselves back out there, they usually go to Marriage Bureaus or Dating Sites so that they can find the right person and get to know them more before actually meeting them. This is generally the best option whether someone has divorced or even if they have never been married, because it allows a person to find specific requirements that they want in a spouse and things are not rushed. Divorce usually happens because two people marry young or are rushed into marriage without knowing exactly what they want in life, before they can find out who they are themselves they are forced into finding out who another person is.

Once a couple has a divorce it is not the end of the world, there are plenty more fish in the sea at any age, however if children are involved then they should be first priority. If finding another partner can help better yours or your children’s lives then that can be a great option. Remember to not dwell on the past as life is too short and everything happens for the better even if we can’t see the light yet.

US: 53% of marriages end in divorce

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