I am a 29 year old Muslim looking for marriage & have been doing so for the past year.

Despite being well educated, tall and quite handsome I am finding it very difficult to find a sincere genuine Muslim life partner.

There was me thinking that a Muslim looking for marriage would be an easy thing to do with no problems. If you are a Muslim looking for marriage also, then you may be in the same boat as me.

I have tried various sites advertising single Muslims or Muslima’s or Muslims available for shahdi. I have contacted many, many women on these sites and exchanged messages and had chats. Some of those Muslim looking for marriage have not been genuine, they just appear to be on such sites in order to please their parents. The parents have run out of options in trying to find their daughter a husband. The parents don’t have any relations left who are single. They assume that just because you are a single Muslim looking for marriage that it’s very easy to find someone, because, hey, there are loads of Muslim looking for marriage in the UK, right? Wrong! Time runs fast and before you know it your degree course is over and it’s time for you as a Muslim looking for marriage to hurriedly find someone before your parents fix you up with the neighbours “loafer” or the girl next door who hasn’t even seen daylight for the past 3 years.

I am not a Muslim looking to date or mess about, I am just a very sincere, caring, articulate, educated young Muslim looking for Marriage, simple! Just as that Meer Cat advert goes! How hard can it be? Well, pretty hard.

I was beginning to give up all hope when all of a sudden I came across a Marriage Agency/ Marriage Bureau called Hum Marriage. I carefully read through their website and looked at the reviews posted. The site looked very professional and for me it seemed that the people running this company were very sincere and honest. Their fees were very affordable and they offered a money back guarantee if they could not find you someone. This site is very different to other sites. Even though you are still a Muslim looking for marriage, they do all the hard work for you. I decided to fill out the online form, it was so easy to do. I put stuff about myself and I paid for it online. Within the hour I had a phone call from a Senior Sales person called Solomon. He was so professional and courteous, he thanked me for signing up but reminded me that I had forgotten to include some info about the kind of Muslima that I was personally looking for. I also asked him one or two questions at which point he explained in detail, but in the shortest possible way, how the company works. They have a team of experienced “match makers” who match you up based on your preferences. This impressed me a lot because going to other sites, we have to do the donkey work & are never sure what kind of person is on the other end. Hey. I didn’t want to be matched up with a camel either!

The process at Hum Marriage is very secure in that no photos are shared with anyone without prior consent.  You can send Hum Marriage your photo, this helps them in matching you up. It is only when you have communicated with the person or family and are happy, that you can inform Hum Marriage to send over your picture(s). Their whole process is so simple and easy. I just sat back and waited. Ten days later I received my first match! I must say I was really impressed. Then the next step- I admit I was a bit apprehensive because I knew the other side had my profile too. I bravely contacted them and spoke at length with the mother and father. After the second call they let me speak to Shazia (This is not her real name, because I wouldn’t want to embarrass or disrespect her). She seemed really, really nice. What can I say “Alhamdullilah” I and my parents went to see “Shazia” and her family. They were very hospitable and seem a really nice family too. They and especially “Shazia” appear to like me too. I am very hopeful at this stage. I did not expect Hum Marriage to have found someone so nice on their first attempt, it’s amazing.

So, if you are a Muslim looking for marriage please don’t lose hope, do not despair. Whether you are male or female Hum Marriage may be able to help you,  I am sure.

Remember: We can plan for something, but Allah is the Best of Planners. Put your trust in Allah, approach your task of looking for marriage in a Halal manner, treat the Muslim sister as you would like others to treat your sister- with respect and with good manners. Allah may reward you.

Good Luck!

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