Arranged marriages are a standard practice in numerous social orders, yet the screening procedure can be a trial for the youngsters involved – regardless of the possibility that they are satisfied with the inevitable result. Some Western Muslims have inferred that web-based matchmaking can help decrease shame, this is where Muslim marriage agencies come into the picture.

There are many Muslim marriage agencies in the United Kingdom as well as many online dating sites for Muslims. But dating is frowned upon by majority of the Muslim community. In Muslim countries like Pakistan, there are quite a few Muslim marriage agencies, referred to as marriage bureaus in the East. An arranged marriage is a tradition in the Muslim community all over the world and it has been practiced for centuries.

With Islam being the second largest religion in the United Kingdom, there were bound to be many Muslim marriage agencies, both land-based and online.  Many of the agencies do not follow the teachings of Islam, instead they give the impression that they are following them and mislead the people into signing up and then suggest they do things that they might not have if they hadn’t signed up in the first place; like online dating, picture trading, ‘chatting’ or video calling. It is a sugar coated way of saying ‘dating’ using Islamic phrases to make it seem ‘correct’. Muslim marriage agencies have become a business more than anything else, where they mostly care about filling their own pockets and give the teachings of Islam a low priority. But not all of them are like that, there are some out there that do put their clients first and follow the teachings of Islam to the letter.


One of the best online Muslim matchmaking sites for you to join is the Hum Marriage Bureau. Hum Marriage Bureau is for single Muslims in the UK, US, Canada, Europe, Asia and other parts of the world; they have thousands of single Muslim individuals on their private database. Hum Marriage Bureau is the UK’s leading Muslim marriage agency that has an amazing cost of just £79; this is less than half of what other Muslim marriage agencies charge.

They offer a 100% refund for all single Muslim individuals in the event that they don’t get a single match inside of 28 days of joining – this is however rare as the agency brags a 97% customer satisfaction rate. All individuals get a match within a couple of weeks of joining and are generally greatly happy with their single Muslim match they have been provided with.


There is no other Muslim marriage agency like Hum Marriage Bureau in the UK or around the globe;they work entirely as directed by Islam and are completely Halal in their methods. All the profiles are totally private; there are no pictures of the male or female individuals posted anywhere. There is no accessible data online of the people who are registered with them. All data and pictures are kept on a private and secure database. The information submitted by customers is utilised exclusively with the end goal of finding a perfect match in view of a variety of factors, for example – age, personality, stature and so on. When their team has found a match that they think is suitable for you, they notify you of the match and send you the other party’s contact information via text. Both parties can make game plans for families to meet in a common area of choosing, for example, a coffee shop or each other’s home.

Muslim individuals that are suggested to you from the UK are British nationals; but the agency likewise works worldwide and has individuals from many other countries around the globe. They have efficiently helped many single Muslim individuals meet in Muslim marriage subsequent to utilising their skilful resources that can’t be replicated or beaten. Hum Marriage Bureau is a genuine Muslim marriage agency that offers a remarkable service and is the best place for you to sign up for the marriage of your child or your own if you’re single!


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