Muslims all over the globe have a number of services available to them when looking for a spouse. The UK alone has over 85 such services available via the internet, telephone, apps, messaging and more. But what makes a Muslim marriage agency in the UK worth the money?

Lets jump straight into the details. A good Muslim marriage agency should do one thing, and do it well – find us someone suitable for marriage. Now we could end up spending £35+ per month on such a service, totalling over £400 for a year, only to find the people you are communicating with are visa hunters, fakes or just looking for a “good time’…hmmm. 

So obviously price is a factor. Lets have a look at some other points to consider. 

  • A great success rate 
  • Large number of potential matches, sent on a frequent basis 
  • Suitability and accuracy of requirement matching 
  • Genuine members looking for marriage 
  • Family Involvement at some point is always helpful 
  • Serious individuals 
  • Background checking and verification of profiles 
  • Privacy and confidentiality assured – no posting of our pictures online or in magazines! 
  • A dedicated matchmaker 
  • British citizens matched with British citizens (if you so require)
  • No additional fees or recurring payments 
  • A money back guarantee
  • No clients who are already married looking for another spouse!
  • No one in search of a visa!
  • Safety and security knowing your matchmaker is there to help with any issues 

Now imagine if all of this was offered at a low competitive price and available to you right now? 

If you haven’t already heard, Hum Marriage is the UK’s Leading Muslim marriage agency offering all of the above and more. With Birmingham city centre based offices, operating as a call centre, Hum Marriage has single Muslim clients looking for marriage from all parts of the UK. And in fact from many parts of the globe. (Primary database being British/UK)

Some of the more popular cities in which Muslim singles are located are London, Birmingham and Manchester; with databases consisting of thousands in these cities alone. And thousands more across other parts of the UK, you can be sure Hum Marriage has that special someone for you. 

As a Muslim marriage agency striving to be the best in the world, Hum Marriage prides itself on customer satisfaction and success. As evidenced by our online reviews found Here. 

A great Muslim marriage agency should be able to provide all of the above points while not hurting our pockets; so for as little as £79 for an entire years membership you can receive all of the above perks with none of the negatives. Vetted and verified profiles, a great success rate, a Dedicated experienced matchmaker to look after your needs, and a huge database of professional and non-professionals, providing a service fit for all. Hum Marriage is the finest Muslim marriage agency you could ask for. 

Thanks for reading! 

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