Muslim Marriage Bureau

Muslim Marriage Bureau

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Muslim Marriage Bureaus

Muslim Marriage Bureau


A Muslim Marriage Bureau is extremely useful in today’s day and age especially around the UK. Many single Muslims benefit from an online Muslim Marriage Bureau because they are fast and effective ways to meet in matrimony. The Muslim marriage bureau is the 21st century halal way of finding suitable rishtas for anyone of legal age to marry.

A Muslim Marriage Bureau such as Hum Marriage Bureau offers a unique private experience where customers can sign themselves up online or via telephone. Details such as Name, Age, Height, Location, Religion, Caste, Personality, Personal Preferences in a partner and more will be asked upon signing up to build a detailed profile for you. All information is stored on a private and secure database which can only be accessed by Hum Marriage Bureau Ltd. Your profile will not be posted publicly at all! The website is SSL encrypted for customer satisfaction. Hum Marriage Bureau is one of the only Muslim marriage bureaus in the world to offer such a safe and halal service.

Hum Muslim Marriage Bureau has over 2000 members from the UK and offers a 100% money back guarantee if a member does not receive a single match within 28 days of Registration; one of the only Muslim marriage bureaus to offer a money back guarantee they are extremely confident in halal matchmaking for marriage purposes only. (See Terms and Conditions for more information). They have a 99% happy customer satisfaction rate and a 98% customer marriage success rate which means almost everyone that signs up to Hum Marriage bureau goes on to marry one of the matches that they have been given.

Many Muslim marriage bureaus around the world are usually not traditional halal marriage bureaus; instead, they are online dating websites that advertise as marriage bureaus. This is very misleading and can upset people once they find out the truth about where they have spent their hard earned money. A traditional halal Muslim marriage bureau will not have any male or female candidate pictures on their website for other customers to see and no one will be able to interact with one another, as mentioned above all information and pictures are stored on a private and secure database.

Once a match has been found usually within 14 days of signing up, Hum Marriage bureau will send the customer an email, text or give them a phone call to let them know they have found a match, the person will then contact their match and can meet in a mutual environment such as families house to discuss further steps towards marriage. If a customer is unhappy with their match then they simple inform Hum Marriage Bureau and they will receive more matches until they are perfectly happy with no additional fees. Many Muslim Marriage bureaus around the world charge before and after fees or monthly fees however with Hum Marriage bureau this is definitely not the case, Hum Muslim marriage bureau charges a one off fee of £79 for a 12 month membership making Hum one of the most inexpensive Muslim marriage bureaus in the UK.

If you are looking to sign up to a halal Muslim Marriage Bureau then Hum Marriage Bureau is definitely the right one to sign up to.


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