While we all know Muslim marriage events can sometimes be helpful, we also know successes can be far and few between when using these services. Here we take a look at the issues surrounding Muslim marriage events and how we may be able to overcome them.

Muslim marriage events in the UK have been around for over 23 years. One of the first events was held in London, with just 18 attendees. However, over the years Muslim marriage events have grown to become much larger and there have been some great success stories.

Recently however, the Muslim dating world has been flooded with new businesses promising to alleviate your concerns when finding a Muslim partner, resulting in too much choice! So how do we decide which option is best for us? And why would we consider Muslim marriage events?

With a large number of single Muslims attending marriage events, there may seem to be plenty of choice! This is one of the key selling points of a Muslim marriage event and can be the deciding factor when purchasing your ticket – which vary in price, anywhere from £25 to £60 per person. If 200 people attend an event, this seems to provide you with plenty of choice! However, after breaking down the figures we understand this may not be the case. Firstly and most obviously, half of them will be of the opposite gender, leaving around 100 ‘potentials’. Within our age range? Maybe 15-20. Within our education level? Maybe 5-7. And someone with our preferred appearance? You see where I’m going…This could leave a small number of suitable individuals. And we haven’t even struck up a conversation with anyone yet! 

As you can see we may be left disheartened after paying £40 for a 3 hour event only to leave empty handed (our ring finger feeling it the most). But hey! At least we got fed! 

The trouble with these scenarios is a knock to our confidence. After putting ourselves out there and trying, we failed. Resulting in negativity and feeling worse about ourselves than ever before. 

Let me tell you, its not you with the problem! Sometimes people who attend events can mess it up for the rest of us. Visa seekers, suspicious characters and weirdos to say the least…you’re simply looking in the wrong places! 

Through research we have found Muslim marriage events to be a costly alternative to other avenues. Muslim dating sites can also prove to be much of the same. Some of these charge £20-£40 per month, costing more than £400 per year! Only to sift through profiles and find they’re looking to date instead of marry…not my thing. 

Muslim marriage event attendees can also be put under a lot of pressure, having to chat with potentials in front of extended family members, out of their comfort zone, resulting in awkward and terrifying situations. Research shows that for every 200 attendees, there are only 2-4 successes. 

So how do we overcome such issues? Well firstly consider if a Muslim marriage event is for you. Are you ok with such scenarios? Ask the event holders how many people will be attending who meet your requirements. Shop around, take a look at more specific events such as gatherings for a certain profession only; this can however lead to a more restrictive guest list, complicating matters further. 

So what next? Have you ever considered the following – Muslim have been successfully getting married for countless years through more traditional methods – referrals and introductions. But you’ve already spoken to your parents and have found they don’t have a long list of potentials right? So why not try a Muslim introductory agency? Too traditional? Not your thing? Let me explain why it could be…

Your entire aim is to find a vetted and trusted somebody who meets your required criteria, with your and their family’s blessings, in a safe environment, matching your personality, age, height, education and intellectual levels, in a suitable amount of time before we all wither…right?! How about a dedicated concierge to handle this for you? Sound prestigious? It is…What if I told you all of this would cost the equivalent of a cup of coffee and a bagel for a month?!

You’d probably be a little dubious as to how successful such a service would be…I can imagine. But how about city-centre offices, 4 in-office matchmakers, thousands of clients and successes on a daily basis? This coffee sweet enough for you yet?!

The above is what Hum Marriage has to offer. And is why I would recommend any single Muslim thinking of attending a Muslim marriage event to give Hum Marriage Bureau a try. 

With 12 month packages to suit everyones needs, this renowned Muslim marriage bureau offers a service unlike any other. 

And for the people who think this is too traditional a route, think again. Clients themselves handle profiles, sometimes family members. You can always specify which you’d prefer. The main difference between Hum Marriage and other agencies is that the clients are vetted, there is family involvement when needed, it’s an “Islamically correct” way of finding a spouse, and your dedicated matchmaker does all the hard work for you. 

Have a read through the Guide Here to learn more about the process. And even try looking up some reviews online to hear about past experiences with the UK’s largest Muslim marriage bureau. 

The truth is, Hum Marriage Bureau tries hard to help each and every client, fairly. They got my sister successfully married, and my nephew; which is why I trusted them enough to hand my CV over. For all of you beloved customers who know me as Sonia, i’d like to say hi! For all of you who are yet to find out how Hum Marriage can help you, i’d like to welcome you to our successful and ever-growing Muslim marriage bureau 🙂