Muslim marriage sites are extremely popular worldwide; there are a vast number of Muslim marriage sites in the UK offering a variety of services. The most common service provided by Muslim marriage sites is to sign up online using your personal details, upload a picture, fill in your ‘bio’ and state what you are looking for. After payment has been taken you are then allowed to view all members on that site. Messages can be sent, friend requests can be made and on some sites even ‘winks’. According to the majority of Muslims, these sites are labelled as dating sites and not Muslim marriage sites. Many members are solely on these sites for dating or other purposes and NOT for marriage.

When signing up to Muslim marriage sites, members are obviously looking for marriage only and not to date. Unfortunately there are many single Muslim men and women that are looking to date instead of marrying, this can be extremely frustrating for Muslim men and women that are seeking marriage and are approached by numerous people wanting to date. Studies have shown that an enormous amount of people sign up to Muslim marriage sites only to leave after a few months after realising the site was in fact a dating site advertised as a Muslim marriage site! These dating sites charge a ridiculous amount of money per month and provide an abysmal service with unqualified team members. Members of their teams have no knowledge or experience on marriage and match making. This is widely known as a ‘dating scam’.

Are all Muslim marriage sites the same; offering indecent, expensive and appalling services? Not to mention the gigantic amount of fake profiles created, known as ‘bots’. The answer is no

Hum Marriage Bureau is a Muslim marriage site that offers an impeccable service. Unlike any other marriage agency, Hum marriage is a 100% Halal Muslim marriage site that helps single Muslim men and women of all ages and backgrounds to unite in matrimony. Hum marriage has a tremendously high marriage success rate with an incredibly large private members database. Dissimilar to other Muslim marriage sites, Hum marriage keeps all member profiles completely private and secure. There is a one-off payment of only £79, which is less than half of what other Muslim marriage sites usually charge. However for that amount you will receive a dedicated qualified match maker that has access to all private profiles, this match maker will personally match you with other members.

Hum marriage bureau has received fantastic feedback, 5/5 on 5 stars on Google and Facebook and 10/10 on Tumbler reviews. If you or anyone you know is looking to sign up to a real Muslim marriage site then Hum Marriage is the best option. Below are some of Hum Marriage Bureaus review pages so you can make your own mind up!

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You can sign up online or over the phone by calling 01215820618 or 07857037167 between 12pm and 10pm daily.