If you were to conduct a google search for Muslim marriage today, you would be bombarded with Muslim dating sites, Muslim marriage agencies and a great host of other options that promise to find you that special someone. ‘Guaranteed to find your Muslim marriage partner’ or ‘guaranteed to get you married’…so many guarantees! But who can we trust? 

The reality is in today’s day and age, primary school children are being taught coding. Any child coupled with this and some entrepreneurial flare can quite easily set up an aesthetically pleasing website, using some flamboyant vocabulary, and some snazzy grammar; and start charging you for a Muslim marriage service they have just set up in their bedroom. 

Dating apps are generally classed as ‘haram’ for a few reasons, mainly because of the kind of users they attract – I overheard an acquaintance stating he managed to secure 11 girlfriends in 2 weeks using a certain Muslim dating app. Honestly I was shocked after hearing this. Is this what Muslim kids do these days?! How can you expect to find someone for marriage if so many Muslims are just looking for flings?! Urgh…

Other options are Mosques and such options. Unfortunately however due to these Muslim marriage services being operated by volunteers with no real experience, I have heard many people simply complain about the type of rishta they receive. Aside from this, sheer size of their databases can cause issues. For example a popular Mosque in Birmingham has only around 300 active single muslims registered on their books. Around 200 being females…

So how do we find middle ground between polygamy on a superhuman scale (seriously 11 in 2 weeks?!) and highly monitored mosque meetings that can be a little awkward?

You’d be looking for a place that offers something in between. Neither haram dating, nor twice removed from emotion or attraction. Something that offers all the perks of getting to know someone, but with family blessings and their knowledge of your situation. The most halal version of a Muslim marriage agency.

Believe it or not there is a Muslim marriage site that has been around for more than 7 years; which shows steady, consistent success. In fact, thousands of successes, while maintaining client confidentiality and privacy. A Muslim marriage site that the celebrities trust. A Muslim marriage service that tries their absolute best to get you married, and won’t stop until the job is done. 

If the above isn’t already sounding too good to be true, how about British Muslims, professionals, from ages 20 to 75, from a variety of backgrounds, various marital statuses and more. All for a the most competitive price in the world and the only Muslim marriage bureau to offer a money back guarantee. 8500 Muslim singles in the UK alone, a great success rate and dedicated Matchmakers who have been in the industry for 20+ years. 

If you’re looking for a Muslim marriage site for yourself, for your adult child, a friend, another relative or anyone you know, then get in touch with Hum Marriage to see how they may be able to help today. 

Family involvement is ready at any stage. Your matches are paying for a service to get married, they are not there to ‘mess around’. So expect serious individuals who are in touch with morals, ethics, respect, religion and more. From Doctors to Teacher, Celebrities to Engineers, High Net Worth Clients to CEO’s. Hum Marriage – The UKs Leading Muslim Marriage Agency is sure to have what you’re looking for. 

Respect and treat all members as you would expect to be treated. Have a nice time speaking with new people, keep it halal and be realistic with your requirements! If you can do this, then look no further for the Muslim marriage site of your dreams…oh and a partner too 🙂