Are there any Muslim men for marriage?

Come on guys, don’t keep us girls waiting. Haven’t you heard marriage completes half your Deen? So what are you waiting for?

By all means get your parents help and advice in finding a life partner, but don’t restrict yourself to your immediate family and close cousins. Come search even the far corners of the earth not only for your education but also for a wife!

I am not looking for Muslim men for marriage BUT I am looking for a single Muslim man. One who will help compliment my life and his. One who will share every up and down of life, every happiness and sadness. One who according to Al-Quran will be a garment for me and me, a garment for him. Someone who will care for me and bring out the best in me, rather than relegating me to the kitchen and turning me into a modern day cuisine chef and dishwasher! Don’t get me wrong, I know how to cook and know that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! But, hey, I am not looking for Muslim men for marriage who have a stomach that protrudes so much that they can’t see their own feet! I need a husband who compliments my good looks and “hourglass” shape and makes us look good as a couple.

Muslim men for marriage seem to be hiding away with their heads in the sand… I mean heads in their text books. They have forgotten that after that B.Sc or Master’s Degree you are now going to need a wife. Please don’t take too long in searching for me, your ideal life partner. Ladies, you too need to get that engagement ring on your finger before you start your higher education or at best get married before doing so. The mistake we are making and have been doing so for a number of years now, is leaving the notion of marriage until we are getting past the “sell by” date. After all, life is short enough and we only have a limited number of years before the notion of little tots becomes a heart breaking topic because time was not on our side.

The availability of Muslim men for marriage in certain areas of the country is also of concern. I know of some families who have moved away from the hustle and bustle of the so called Muslim community, those who wanted to be seen to “integrate” within society, a term which I find quite disturbing. In moving out of the area they have become isolated when it then comes to finding a marriage partner. It makes the task much more difficult. But, hey, we stick to our heritage and know very quickly how to find our Chacha or Masih!

The term “to be integrated in society” has predominantly been used for the Muslim community. We have become, over recent years the dartboard of the wider community. The cause of everything that has gone wrong with it. The truth has more to do with our faith than to do with who we are. It is Islam that is under attack. There are large communities of every nationality. We have a large Chinese community in certain parts of the UK. A large Jewish community in Bethnal Green etc. etc. We are all in need of a feeling of safety and security. We know who we are and wish to be with others like us. There is nothing wrong with this.

It is easier to find Muslim men for marriage when you are living in a community where you have a large catch of fish or a shark, as the case may be.

My search for a good selection of Muslim men for marriage has taken me far and wide, loads of different websites and Apps. It has not been an easy search. At times I felt like giving up. My parents have been at wits end, we don’t have any family members who are eligible for marriage. They are either too young or too old or too close in family relationship. Thank God my parents are against “cousin” marriages! Don’t get me wrong my cousin is really nice, well educated, and tall and fair, a really nice down to earth gentleman. However I don’t see him as a cousin but as a brother, whom I have grown up with. It just wouldn’t seem right.

My search eventually led me to Hum Marriage. They seemed a lot different to other sites. The plus point with Hum Marriage is that after giving them your long list of criterion in a husband, they do the searching for you! Make yourself some Kebabs and samosas and a cup of coffee and sit back and let their team of qualified match-makers do the hard work for you. I must say I am well impressed so far. I have only been a member for a few weeks. I decided to sign-up to the Top package, this gives you more matches in a shorter time frame…. Hey! I am not a young chick. I need to be married ASAP. The matches are genuine people, looking for marriage.

Hum Marriage have a zero tolerance policy. While engaging in messaging or conversation, if at any time I am shown disrespect, the match will be terminated…Terminator style. My experience so far has been far from this. The men seem to be very nice and respectable. It’s early days yet. I must admit I am very choosy and particular, I have high requirements and my search criteria, in hindsight may be too strict. I think I may have to relax my criteria! After all, not all Muslim men for marriage are going to look like Zahid Ahmed, Danish Tamoor or Imran Abbas….. Would be great if they were, then I could show off to my friends!

So ladies, don’t lose hope, perhaps give Hum Marriage a try. They have three packages, the first being very affordable. Unlike other matrimonial services there are no extra charges! You do not pay a penny when you eventually meet and marry your other half. You are in full control, no photos are shared with anyone except the team at Hum Marriage, who only use it to help find a partner. Confidentiality is fully respected. Your picture is never uploaded to any website.

What have you got to lose? Certainly not the samosa and coffee I am now digging into!

Any Muslim Men for marriage wishing to share samosas and coffee should contact me at Hum Marriage….. For the purpose of Halal Marriage only!

Thanks for reading