Are you a single Muslim searching for a Muslim rishta? Tired of surfing the net daily looking for matrimonial sites? We understand how frustrating it can be for single Muslims in the UK or worldwide to find a Muslim rishta especially when you have certain requirements. You may be seeking a spouse of a certain age, height, ethnicity etc. There is no such thing as picky when it comes to finding a Muslim rishta for the reason being that you have to spend the rest of your life with this person, if they have bad habits or certain characteristics that aggravate you then the marriage will surely not be successful! Getting it right from the start is crucial for a ‘strong’ marriage. When searching for a Muslim rishta it is vital to not only state what you are looking for physically but also mentally, so specifying personality requirements is a must. Maybe you are looking for a jolly spouse with a great sense of humour or someone that is a great listener, whatever it is we have got you covered.

Many single Muslims in the UK or worldwide sit on their laptops and type in Google phrases such as ‘Find me a Muslim partner’; they are then bombarded with online dating websites aimed at Muslims as well as other religions. Of course these websites can charge exceptionally large amounts of money per month and if they claim to be free you can still end up paying to actually message another person! In fact an abundant amount of Muslim singles searching for a Muslim rishta will actually turn to a halal marriage bureau instead of online dating for the reason being that the success rate of finding a Muslim rishta for marriage is a lot higher. Muslim singles can create their own profiles over the phone or online with halal Muslim marriage agencies such as Hum Marriage Bureau. The process is simple, if you are a single Muslim man or single Muslim woman seeking a Muslim rishta all you have to do is go online to Hum Marriage Bureau and sign up. Input some basic details such as your name, age, height, location and your personal preferences. After making payment your job is done, sit back and relax.

Hum Marriage Bureau has an extremely high success rate with amazing positive feedback. As mentioned above signing up to online dating sites can be very costly as they charge large monthly payments, Hum Marriage Bureau charges a one-off payment with no contract. There are no ongoing payments or extra fees making it one of the UK’s most inexpensive marriage services when searching for a Muslim rishta.

Hum Marriage Bureau receives a large number of calls per day from single Muslims that have had bad experiences with other agencies while seeking a Muslim rishta. We have used all the information to ensure Hum Marriage Bureau does not have any of these flaws and Muslim singles can have a pleasant experience. We receive great feedback from our customers that are happily married and found success with Hum Marriage Bureau. Below is a Hum Marriage review from a happy customer:

‘Perfect service with great members of staff. The whole team are amazing and helped me so much. Can not thank them more! I asked for a British Pakistani Muslim husband that was over 5 foot 10, slim, fair skinned, Rajput, had a decent job with a degree, never married before and was born in the UK. I also wanted him to have a sense of humour and not backward minded. Every match I was given was suited 100% however one or two declined on my appearance. Fortunately the 3rd one was also attracted to me and I was exactly what he was looking for. Today I am married happily, my husband is at work and I am thinking what to cook for dinner lol or we might get take out! Thanks Hum marriage sooo soo much for everything. You helped me complete half my deen and I will forever recommend you to everyone.’

We have received hundreds of Five Star reviews from happy customers that found a Muslim rishta, if you are looking for a Muslim rishta that meets all your requirements then signing up to a halal Muslim marriage bureau like Hum Marriage Bureau is the best option available. We offer an over the phone service to sign up or you can Register online by clicking Here. Signing up over the phone allows us to get a more in-depth understanding of what a single Muslim is seeking in a Muslim rishta.

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