Muslim Team Donates To Charitable Causes For Christmas

Muslim Team Donates To Charitable Causes For Christmas

Muslim Team donates to Charitable Causes for Christmas

Muslim Team Donates To Charitable Causes For Christmas


Hum Marriage the Muslim Matchmaking Agency for Marriage has donated to a number of Charitable organisations and have been reported to have volunteered at a Soup Kitchen In London for Christmas.

In the spirit of uniting faiths and helping all those who need it, the team at Hum Marriage offered their services to a variety of Charities across Birmingham and London and successfully volunteered at a Soup Kitchen in London. They served food and helped clean dishes for the good people who visited.

Sonia, a member of the Hum Marriage team stated –

“It was such a nice feeling helping people who came to the kitchen, they were all so friendly!”

She also said she would definitely be doing it again, and so did the rest of the team.

Solomon, who is client manager at Hum Marriage said

“The unification of varying cultures for a single cause is a beautiful thing indeed.”

We couldn’t agree more, Muslim individuals tend not to celebrate Christmas but we heard the following from a a spokesperson at Hum Marriage –

“Muslims tend not to ‘celebrate’ Christmas, but it is a fantastic way to get the family together and have a warm meal with relatives present. Any holiday is an excuse to call your family around! And since most of the UK is getting together, why won’t we??”

The equivalent of  263,000 turkeys; 7.5 million mince pies; 740,000 slices of Christmas pudding; 17.2 million Brussels sprouts; 11.9 million carrots and 11.3 million roast potatoes.(

Every little helps eh?

Looking to help at a Soup Kitchen too? Check out one of the links below –



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