My Husband Cheated On Me

My Husband Cheated On Me

My Husband Cheated On Me

My Husband Cheated On Me – I Thought Cheating Only Happened In The Movies…



Hi my name is Taira, I’m 34 years of age, Born and raised in the heart of British Pakistan, Bradford UK.

At the age of 26 after completing my art degree my parents decided to get me married. I can’t say I wasn’t happy to get married, I was! Hell, I had been dreaming of marriage since I was a kid, white dress, Church, horse and carriage..However, when I grew up I realised Pakistani Muslim marriages weren’t like the ones in Eastenders. So my dreams changed to red sari, banqueting suite and a hired car. Traditional much?!

I wasn’t too fussed about who I was marrying as long as he was taller than me, good looking and could support a family. I trusted my parent’s decision. Skipping forward to the sweet age of 31, I have one daughter, happily married. Married life isn’t what I expected it to be; it is a lot of work..Motherhood was a blessing in disguise! Late nights, although I do get loads of help from my wonderful husband. What can I say about the husband? He’s amazing, kind, caring, jolly, and supportive. Not the cheating type! If someone was to take a look from the outside they would assume we were Barbie and Ken.

Moving further forward into my story…A normal day, nothing unusual, the husband left for work around 8am, slightly earlier than normal but no biggie. He said he had to get there early because he was behind on yesterday’s work. However, here is where the story darkens…Unfortunately for him he left his mobile in our room. I picked it up to call his office to inform him that he had left his phone at home. Scrolling down the list I came across a rather weird name, ‘Y’…That’s what the number was saved under, so I decided to call that number from my phone on withheld just to see who this ‘Y’ was. Ring Ring..’Hello’? My heart dropped into my stomach, eyes became blurry, forehead became hot, and I quickly cut of the phone! Now I know my husband very well, we both trust each other a lot; neither of us talks to or was in contact with anyone from the opposite gender. Work colleagues are all friends, his work colleagues were more my friends than his. How could he be cheating??

I didn’t call his work place after that, my voice would have been trembling and my brain stopped working for a few minutes. Hands shaking I decided to look through his messages, inbox empty..Sent folder empty..Draft folder empty..Deleted folder, one message to ‘Y’, just my luck ey? I opened the message and it read ‘I will pick you up around 8.15..x’..That was it, I was 100% sure he was cheating on me. I had mixed emotions, a part of me wanted to grab my daughter and run and never stop running, another part of me wanted to shoot him. I took his phone along with our daughter to my parents’ house; I told them the entire story. It was a complete shock! He was the perfect man! When I told my dad he laughed and said you must have it all wrong, I showed him the message and told him about him leaving earlier and the woman answering the call..Honestly the look on my father’s face, I was more worried for him than myself..Worried he would have a heart attack. My mom had to calm him down and get him some aspirin and cold water…

Skipping a couple of years, here I am today writing my story at 34. My daughter is in school, and I am divorced for the better! You must be wondering what happened afterwards? How did you confront him? What did he say? Well I will leave you all in suspense forever…Joke! And yes I can laugh about it now although it still hurts, time does heal things..Well I took my whole family back to the house before he could get home, I’m talking about my mom and dad, brothers, uncles, aunties, cousins, grandad, grandma, the cat..You name it. When my husband got home he thought it was either a surprise party or someone had died. We didn’t exactly have balloons up so he knew it was bad news.

Of course he denied everything; I mean that’s what cheaters do. Well I had to move out as it was his house, although I did get a handsome payment through the divorce not to mention full custody over our daughter. As time went on he did admit he was having an affair. When asked why, he said he had no answer. He could not explain it. Neither can I…It’s sad really, as it doesn’t make sense…

Anyways, I have my own little home, and I live here with my daughter. I am comfortable due to some smart investment advice from Barry and Gary at the bank and I am getting on with my life.

My next big step and question is; will I marry again?

The answer is most definitely yes!

Ladies, some guys can be jerks, a lot of them are great…but don’t stop being you because some guy took away your moment of happiness. Move on, and pick yourself up, look for the good things in life and keep dear the ones who are close to you.

The world needs more strong independent women!

Be strong!



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