These days it has become necessary for Muslims who are looking for marriage to for-go the traditional methods. The present generation are less likely to wish to marry their cousin or 2ndcousin. Families are finding it difficult to find a spouse for their son or daughter and those looking Islamically for their own choice are also struggling. So what’s the solution? An online dating site or an online marriage bureau?

Online sites which have databases with thousands of prospective clients are now available. Many are available in “App” format, making it even easier to engage and find the “love of your life.”

Many of these sites, sadly, are open to abuse with “fake” profiles that entice clients. Fake pictures with false personal information are posted online. It is very difficult for anyone joining such an online dating site to weed out the genuine from the false. A proportion of clients signing up to these sites are also on there to look for marriage, but to date. Hence you may find many profiles from Muslima stating that they are only looking for marriage and not dating.

Due to the above concerns, many people looking for marriage are turning to an online marriage bureau. These offer a more personalised service. Data about a person is stored securely by the provider. Details are more often than not conveyed over the phone, with a one-to-one dedicated account manager. Due to the nature of the process, clients are less likely to provide fake/false information. The whole process becomes a human focused process rather than a computer generated profile; where the client is engaging with the software within a dating site rather than a person.

An online marriage bureau gives the client more trust and acceptance of the whole process. They are more confident to talk to someone who will be searching for a prospective match unlike a dating App where you are thrown into the deep end. An online marriage bureau do all the match-making for you. They use a team of dedicated match-makers, usually with years of experience to put together a suitable partner.

One such online marriage bureau that seems to being doing well from feedback I have seen is Hum Marriage.

I recently became aware of this online marriage bureau while listening to the radio a couple of weeks ago. The radio station was addressing the concerns or preferences of “arranged marriages” as opposed to “love marriages.” I heard various questions posed by the radio presenter to Solomon of Hum marriage. Solomon came across very articulate and genuine. The answers that Solomon gave, reassured me that going down the route of a single Muslim dating site was not for me. I felt more confident and happy to approach Hum Marriage, an online marriage bureau. The ethos of Hum Marriage made me feel that they would provide me with the human touch that I was looking for. They were very professional and courteous. They answered my concerns within a very short time. I could have entered all my data onto their website but, here is the difference, they provide a telephone number so you can actually speak to a human being.

I rate Hum Marriage, an online marriage bureau very highly and would recommend the Company to anyone. To all the youngsters and those parents who are looking to get their son/daughter married I would highly recommend Hum Marriage. Keep this in mind, there is a lot of difference between a single Muslim dating site and an online marriage bureau, they are poles apart. Whether you are a Muslima or a Muslim looking to marry an online marriage bureau gives you peace of mind. No need for you to sit in front of a laptop every free moment browsing through real of fake profiles to find your perfect life partner. Leave it to the experts who use their personal experience to match you, based upon your preferences. If you provide the online marriage bureau with good information, they will know enough about you to find a match.

It’s up to you, what are you waiting for? An online marriage bureau such as Hum Marriage can cater for your goal.


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