Finding Shaadi Online can sometimes be difficult, especially with all the online dating sites out there! The number of muslim dating sites on the internet is increasing over time. And for some reason, Muslims are looking to these sites to find muslim marriage partners! This is of course ‘Haram’ as dating in Islam is not permissible. The sooner Muslims around the world stop ignoring this fact, the sooner things will start to look up!

Hum Marriage Bureau is a Muslim Marriage Agency providing Muslims across the UK the option to find Shaadi Online through us. Customers sign up and we find matches for them. It is usually parents who sign their adult children up and so it is all carried out the ‘halal’ way. A match can speak with another match to see how they feel about marriage. Nothing indecent is discussed at all, only marriage options, personality questions and living requirements. You can ask anything with your match to make sure they meet your requirements in marriage, as long as it is decent conversation. Usually your parents will speak to your match’s parents, meaning there wont be much interaction between the two individuals until the families meet in person. This variation of Shaadi Online is the most halal way possible.

Of course you can speak with your match if you’d like, it is entirely up to you and your match. Either way, Hum Marriage Bureau has made finding Shaadi Online easier and more simple.

When stating your preferences for your partner upon registering, you can state things such as age restrictions, height requirements, location preferences and more. These preferences ensure your Shaadi Online matches are more suited to you. You can be as specific as possible when stating your preferences. But bear in mind, leaving options open will provide you with more matches during your Membership period.

When you are happy with your Shaadi Online matches through Hum Marriage, you can notify us via text, call or email so we know you are going ahead with marriage.

You receive your Shaadi Online matches via text usually, as this is the easiest way to do so. You can request to receive your Shaadi Online matches via email if you prefer.

We are always working hard to make sure our customers are satisfied with our service, as we have helped countless clients with Shaadi Online matches in the past.

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