If you’re looking for single Muslims in London and have tried all the usual dating apps and websites out there to no avail, you may be in luck. For a solution, read on.

There are a number of pitfalls when negotiating the online dating world while looking for your single Muslim partner. It can be a very tricky and daunting task.
The truth is finding single Muslims in London isn’t easy. Most young Muslims have busy professional lives and don’t have time to meet people the conventional way. Work takes up 5-6 days a week, with evenings spent hitting the gym, catching up on more work or simply unwinding to give your mind a break! The remaining 1-2 days are spent with friends or family; as you’ll be berated otherwise! Where does that leave time for meeting new people??

Let’s dive a little deeper…The people at work are off-limits or simply lame, the rest wouldn’t be accepted by your family…so thats that out the window. The people in your friend circle are just that; in your friend circle! And even if you had free time to meet people, how and where would you start?! You’re a Muslim right? What did you think would happen? You’d wind up in a bar with a pina colada in left and a potential partner in right?! lol made myself laugh…ahem….
So next best thing is try finding some single Muslims in London using a reputable app or dating site. Why not, right?! Well here are a few reasons we think ‘wrong’ –

People lying about their profile information
Not looking for a serious relationship/marriage
Con artists! You know? The ones who rope you into sending them money??
Fake profiles – it can happen all too often unfortunately
Illegal immigrants looking for a visa!

These are just a few of the issues you may run into when looking for single Muslims in London…what if they are just plain dodgy?! A serial killer maybe? And if nothing else you may find yourself becoming overly judgmental and incredibly fussy about the numerous profiles you’re swiping through. Until you boil your list down to a small number only to find them to be odd….hmmm

Frustrating right?

So how should you go about finding Muslim singles in London?
Here’s a checklist –

Vetted and verified profiles with background checks
A money-back guarantee
A personalised and dedicated matchmaker
Safe and secure
Do things the Halal way and maybe not publicise yourself online like a piece of meat?!

I know what you’re thinking..this can’t be possible?! Sounds like a Muslim miracle eh? Read on.

Hum Marriage Bureau – Muslim Matchmaking Agency is exactly that. They are your personal concierge for Muslim singles in London. No more wading through countless fake profiles or dodgy critters. For a small registration fee of only £79 for an entire year(!!) they will provide you with a dedicated Matchmaker, who will cherrypick specific profiles within their private database according to your requirements. Your single Muslim match information will include name, age, city of location, education, profession, contact details and more! Their profiles are also vetted and verified using a background checking company to ensure reputable matches. They have a 5-Star customer service rating and years of experience as the UK’s largest bureau of Muslim singles in London resulting in countless successes…All of this works out for less than £7 per month!

If all of that wasn’t good enough for you, they also offer a 100% money back guarantee! Seriously?!

Finding single Muslims in London can be difficult if you’re looking in the wrong places. But look to Hum Marriage Bureau and the process can be made a lot easier. They offer 3 packages to suit all requirements, packages and pricing can be found here – https://hummarriage.com/register

They have a wide variety of single Muslims in London; from young professionals to the older business owner. After having a look at some of their reviews Here its easy to see why they’re the UK’s favourite Muslim marriage bureau.

When looking for singles Muslim in London you may consider other options – we did have a look around to compare prices and service, we came across agencies with higher prices (up to £1200!) and some with fair prices but a lack of members and background checking. If you’d like a VIP experience at Hum Marriage to help you find your single Muslim partner in London, take a look at their Platinum Package. It’s for everyone and anyone looking to marry a single Muslim in London but offers a more bespoke and personalised service than we’ve ever seen.

For single Muslims in London and anywhere else in the UK head over to Hum Marriage. Good Luck!