There are many Single Muslims in the UK and it can be difficult for parents to find decent suitable matches for their children or even adults that are looking for single Muslims. Hum Marriage Bureau has over 2300 single Muslims from all over the world however they mainly boast a massive 90% of their database to be UK nationals. Hum Marriage Bureau is the UK’s fastest growing Muslim marriage bureau for single Muslims, with 5 star reviews all over the net they are well known for their fast and reliable match making services.

Many single Muslims find it difficult to find the correct partner because times have evolved and Muslims are becoming more westernised which results in 60-70% of Asian men and women having boyfriends and girlfriends at early ages. A small fraction of Single Muslims decide to stay single throughout their lives because maybe they are focussed on their education or simply not looking for a relationship. When the time comes to marry a large portion of males and females have already been in many relationships and they are not what some individuals are looking for in a husband or wife.

At Hum Marriage Bureau we have many Single Muslims that have never been married or in a relationship and we also have many that are divorced or have been in past relationships, whatever it is you are looking for in a man or a woman Hum Marriage Bureau has everything to meet your requirements. With 100% money back guarantee if you do not receive a single match within 28 working days you have nothing to lose, Hum Marriage will refund that money back to you upon request. (See Terms And Conditions for more information)

Hum Marriage Bureau is not a dating website; it is a completely halal private marriage bureau that keeps all your details confidential. No pictures will be sent unless you give permission as customer satisfaction and privacy is extremely important to Hum Marriage. We have a 99% Happy customer rate and a 98% Marriage success rate which means almost everyone that signs up to Hum Marriage Bureau ends up getting married within their Membership Period (See Membership Info and Pricing Here). Many Single Muslims in the UK have shown us their love by giving us 5 star reviews on websites such as and many other review sites. The procedure is very simple when signing up to Hum Marriage, feel free to have a read through our pages, you can also take a look at our online reviews if the 100% money back guarantee was not reassuring enough! Signing up can be done on the Register page or over the telephone on 07857037167. When signing up on the telephone Hum Marriage can get a better understanding of what you are looking for in a single Muslim thus resulting in a faster and more suited match. Finding your perfectly tailored single Muslim match has never been so simple with Hum Marriage Bureau.


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