Hum Marriage

Free Matrimonial Sites
Posted by hummarriage | 09 June 2017

Free Matrimonial Sites   Do not sign up to free muslim matrimonial sites before reading this!! There are numerous free matrimonial sites in the UK and worldwide offering services to...

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Halal Marriage Service UK
Posted by hummarriage | 20 May 2017

Halal Marriage Service There is a substantial amount of Muslim marriage agencies in the UK and worldwide, many marriage agencies claim to offer a halal marriage service but defeat the...

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Find A Muslim Partner
Posted by hummarriage | 21 April 2017

Find A Muslim Partner Finding a Muslim partner is easy if you live in a country like Pakistan or another Muslim country, but if you live in a country whose...

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Single Muslim Women - Muslim marriages
Posted by hummarriage | 13 April 2017

Enslaved by my Husband   This story is for all the single Muslim women out there that are finding it hard to live the life they have been given. Growing...

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My Experience with Hum Marriage
Posted by hummarriage | 20 March 2017

My Experience with Hum Marriage   November 2016 My name is Neelam, I am 31 years old from Manchester UK. I have never been married before although I have been...

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Muslim And Single
Posted by hummarriage | 20 October 2016

Muslim and Single   Muslim and single? Don’t worry, Hum Marriage Bureau is the UK’s leading Marriage Bureau with over 2300 Muslim and single members. Whether you are Muslim and...

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the reality of a relationship
Posted by hummarriage | 14 September 2016

The Reality of a Relationship   In today’s day and age men and women both have high expectations of one another; however life is not all fairy tales. There are...

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Marriage Bureaus Versus Online Dating
Posted by hummarriage | 25 August 2016

Marriage Bureaus vs Online Dating   In this day and age online dating is extremely popular among all religions and backgrounds. It is a fast and effective way to meet...

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why the world needs marriage bureaus
Posted by hummarriage | 23 August 2016

Why The World Needs Marriage Bureaus   Wedding days are the happiest day of a man and woman’s life, however finding a partner can be the most stressful time of...

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Arranged Marriages in Modern Britain
Posted by hummarriage | 27 July 2016

When we hear of arranged marriages, most of us jump to drastic conclusions, two awkward families, one room but a whole load of delicious samosas. However the sad truth is...

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