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Single Muslim Women - Muslim marriages
Posted by hummarriage | 13 April 2017

Enslaved by my Husband   This story is for all the single Muslim women out there that are finding it hard to live the life they have been given. Growing...

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Fake Profiles On Muslim Dating Sites
Posted by hummarriage | 08 December 2016

Fake Profiles On Muslim Dating Sites?!   Marriage and dating websites are becoming increasingly popular in today’s world. Millions of people worldwide are using online dating and matrimonial sites to...

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Single Muslims in the UK! There Is Still Hope
Posted by hummarriage | 07 December 2016

Single Muslims In The UK! There Is Still HopeThe majority of the single muslims in the UK have little option when it comes to partner searches. With online dating platforms...

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Finding A Muslim Wife
Posted by hummarriage | 28 November 2016

Finding a Muslim wife Finding a Muslim wife can be complicated in today’s day and age especially when the average Muslim man can be extremely demanding! Many Muslim men want...

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Single Muslim, muslim and single, muslim matrimony, muslim marriage online
Posted by hummarriage | 23 October 2016

Single Muslim Are you a single Muslim? Can’t find a single Muslim partner? Tired of being a single Muslim? Great news! All of these problems can now be solved when...

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Muslim And Single
Posted by hummarriage | 20 October 2016

Muslim and Single   Muslim and single? Don’t worry, Hum Marriage Bureau is the UK’s leading Marriage Bureau with over 2300 Muslim and single members. Whether you are Muslim and...

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Single Muslims
Posted by hummarriage | 18 October 2016

Single Muslims   There are many Single Muslims in the UK and it can be difficult for parents to find decent suitable matches for their children or even adults that...

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My Life My Story
Posted by hummarriage | 18 October 2016

My life My Story By Amira Raja   Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Amira Raja, I am 29 years old and the youngest of 3 sisters. This...

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London Marriage Bureaus
Posted by hummarriage | 13 October 2016

London Marriage Bureaus London marriage bureaus are not very common, although there are London marriage bureaus many are not halal agencies. London marriage bureaus operate as dating websites and advertise...

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UK Marriage Agency
Posted by hummarriage | 27 September 2016

UK Marriage AgencyA UK Marriage Agency, also known as a marriage bureau is an organisation to help single Muslims around the world get married the halal way. A UK marriage...

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