The Difference Between Hum Marriage And Other Marriage Bureaus

The Difference Between Hum Marriage And Other Marriage Bureaus

The Difference Between Hum Marriage And Other Marriage Bureaus

The Difference Between Hum Marriage And Other Marriage Bureaus


Hum Marriage Bureau is UK’s leading and fastest growing Muslim marriage bureau. We boast a colossal 2300 single Muslim members! Hum marriage bureau is one of the only marriage bureaus that offer a 100% money back guarantee giving customers peace of mind when signing up. We have a 97% happy customer rate and a 98% marriage success rate which means virtually every person signing up to Hum marriage bureau gets married within the first year, the remaining 2% generally marry in the second year.

Many Muslim marriage bureaus around the world operate as online dating websites but advertise as Muslim marriage bureaus, this is extremely misleading and can result in displeasing many people. Through many online surveys and market research we have received many complaints about other Muslim marriage bureaus and leading online dating websites. Common complaints ranked highest to lowest for Marriage bureaus are:

1. “I signed up and did not receive any matches for months”

2. “No one would ever answer my calls or emails”

3. “Not a single match was suited towards me”

4. “The prices were extremely high”

5. “No refunds were given”

Hum Marriage Bureau has worked extremely hard to ensure we have completely met our customer’s needs leading to very few complaints. As you can see above we have a 97% happy customer rate. Upon signing up, a member will receive a dedicated match maker that will be on hand from 10am – 10pm 7 days per week. All phone calls and emails will be answered immediately and if a call is missed due to dealing with another member then you will definitely receive a call back as soon as possible. You will start receiving matches perfectly suited to you and your requirements within the first 28 days of signing up, if however you do not receive a single match within 28 working days then we will refund the full amount paid no questions asked.

We match members on a number of factors for instance:

* Age

* Height

* Location

* Religion

* Caste

* Personality

* Personal preferences

And Much More!

Unlike other marriage bureaus we ensure all matches are well suited.

Hum Marriage Bureau offers an unbeatable price for a membership at only £79 (One off payment – no additional fees). Many marriage bureaus charge before and after marriage fees that are 5 times more expensive than Hum Marriage’s fee and offer less than half of what Hum Marriage Bureau offers. We work on a razor sharp margin to offer our customers the most affordable prices. There is no marriage bureau in the UK that can offer services such as ours at the prices we have. Here are some of the complaints we have received about online dating websites ranging from highest to lowest:

1. “They say they have over 1 million members but most are fake profiles that never respond.”

2. “The prices per month are extremely high”

3. “90% of members on Muslim online dating sites are not serious for marriage”

4. “It is unsafe”

5. “It is haram”

As mentioned above, many leading online dating websites advertise as halal marriage agency’s or marriage bureaus. This is extremely false advertisement and deceptive, a true halal marriage agency or marriage bureau will not have online interactions between men and women and no images will be shown of one another. Online dating is extremely expensive and many agencies charge 30-70 pounds per month and offer fake profiles that never interact or respond. Online dating is also unsafe and can result in physical and mental harm. Hum Marriage Bureau is completely halal and all member information and images are kept on a private database. is SSL encrypted for your safety and well-being. All members on Hum marriage bureau are 100% real, and when meeting with a potential husband/wife it is always done in a public environment or a family member’s house.

Hum Marriage Bureau is unlike any other Muslim Marriage Agency in the world hence why it is the UK’s fastest growing Muslim marriage bureau. To recap, here a few things Hum Marriage Bureau offers:

  • Large member database of OVER 2300 members and increasing on a daily basis.
  • 100% Money back Guarantee if you do not receive a single match within 28 working days.
  • Dedicated Matchmaker.
  • Well-built candidate portfolio to maximise your chances of marriage during an initial 30 minute consultation
  • Your Matchmakers time 7 days per week for any questions or queries.
  • Extremely high percentage of getting married in the first year of signing up.
  • Male and female members from ages 20-70 years old.
  • SSL encrypted sign up form
  • Hum Marriage Bureau also has 5 star ratings on and the success stories are remarkable.

We boast an immaculate business based on customer feedback and our marriage success rate. If you or anyone you know is looking to sign up to Hum Marriage Bureau then please visit and use the sign up form or you can call us on: 07857037157 and speak to a member of our team.

Finding a husband or wife can be a stressful time but Hum Marriage offers you a relaxed journey unlike any other marriage bureau, leave the hard work to us!


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