The Reality of a Relationship

The Reality of a Relationship

the reality of a relationship

The Reality of a Relationship


In today’s day and age men and women both have high expectations of one another; however life is not all fairy tales. There are a lot of hurdles and to get over them you need thick skin and an elastic heart. No one in this world is perfect in every way yet many men and women expect to marry the perfect person, this can be frustrating to numerous people around the world and so a lot of people can relate to this article as we discuss the reality of a relationship.

Today’s man expects an angel for a wife, a woman that will cook, clean, look after the children, go shopping, have a degree and smile throughout the day with no complaints. Women on the other hand expect the man to work, earn money for the family, be supportive, and take her out every day just to name a few.

When it comes to looks we are superficial and expect our partners to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger for a man and Kim Kardashian for a woman. Their personality has to be flawless, sweet, kind and caring and never shed or tear or grit their teeth. So now we have a man that looks like the hulk, Over 6 foot, light skinned, is a doctor, drives a fancy car, has a tree in his garden that grows money and takes phone calls for business while driving his wife to the shops. We also have a woman that looks like Miss World, cooks 6 meals per day, scrubs every inch of the house while holding the baby and smiles while singing lullabies.

Now back to reality! The reality is that marriage is extremely hard and the mentally strong tend to have successful long-lasting marriages! It is more mentally taxing than physical. Often marriages end in divorce and in the UK and USA the number of people divorcing yearly is increasing and many within the first year of marriage which is extremely worrying. The reason for this happening is because couples have such high expectations before getting married and again want the ‘perfect partner’, when reality kicks in they realise that Prince charming and Cinderella are all what they have been made to believe and brain washed with as a child.

Often in the world we see men abusing women because of their past, maybe an ex-boyfriend they had or a broken engagement, whatever the reason the man finds it okay to abuse the woman when 90% of the time the man has done ten times worse than the woman! Because of a few mistakes made by the woman when she was maybe at an age of mental immaturity she will have to take abuse for the rest of her life even after repenting to God daily. This is also happening to men around the world, not all men are playboys, and often we see women using their past against them to bully the man mentally. This is wrong and the only one to judge is God.

The keys to a successful marriage are:

  • Not having high expectations before and during married life
  • Speaking and listening to each other
  • Going out at least once a week together alone
  • Understanding that both the roles of a husband and wife are difficult and that you are a team and should help each other!

When the land has turned to dust and man will be no more then all the superficiality and abuse will not matter, what will matter is answering to God and trying to get a place in the afterlife. Embrace your relationship and strive to make it better because we don’t know what we have until it’s gone.

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