A UK marriage Agency, also known as a marriage bureau is an organisation to help single Muslims around the world get married the halal way. A UK marriage agency will take a person’s details such as age, location, profession etc. and match that person with suitable candidates. UK marriage agencies are extremely popular amongst Muslims and are the best way to find a perfect husband or wife.

Although there are other UK marriage agencies online, they are not classed as a UK marriage agency because they operate as online dating websites. Some of these have been frowned upon by many Muslims and deemed as Haram by other Muslim societies. A person can instantly determine an online dating website from a UK marriage agency.

Many leading online dating websites advertise for single Muslims and class their organisation as a UK marriage Agency; this can be misleading. A true UK marriage agency for Muslims will have these traits:

Private database
No posting of personal images
No personal details advertised on a website

The fastest growing UK marriage agency is Hum Marriage. With over 8000 members and an incredibly high success rate, Hum Marriage Bureau is the UK’s leading Muslim marriage agency. Many online dating websites that advertise for single Muslims boast over millions of members, however how can we be sure we are talking to actual humans and not “bots?”

Hum Marriage is the leading UK marriage agency for Muslims for a number of reasons, including verified and vetted members, a dedicated matchmaker, an incredible service and exceptionally high marriage success rate. They have a 98% happy customer rate, all members from the UK are British nationals and Hum Marriage is also the UK’s trusted Muslim marriage agency.

Hum Marriage Bureau offers a completely elegant and ‘Islamically correct’ service which unites single Muslims in matrimony. After signing up you will receive a dedicated match maker who will assist you every step of the way, to find you a match you are completely happy with. Hum Marriage offers an unbeatable service at a competitive price, with a 100% money back guarantee! (See T&Cs for more information).

Click below to Sign up, or give them a call using 01215820618 / 07857037167