A UK Marriage Agency, also known as a marriage bureau is an organisation to help single Muslims around the world get married the halal way. A UK marriage agency will take a person’s details such as age, location, job etc. and match that person with a suitable candidate. UK marriage agencies are extremely popular amongst Muslims and are the best way to find a perfect husband or wife.Although there are other UK marriage agencies online, they are not classed as a UK marriage agency because they operate as online dating websites where men and women share photos of each other and meet and flirt before marriage. This has been frowned upon by many Muslims and deemed as Haram by other Muslim societies. A person can instantly determine an online dating website from a UK marriage agency by these common facts:Online dating website (Haram)

  • Member profiles visible to the public
  • Search options to find a man or woman
  • Search options for Location of a man or woman
  • Search options for age of a man or woman

Many leading online dating websites advertise for single Muslims and class their organisation as a UK marriage Agency; this is extremely misleading and deceitful. A true halal approved UK marriage agency will have these traits:UK Marriage Agency (Halal)

  • Private database
  • No member images for the public to view
  • No personal details of candidates posted on their website
  • No search options or member interactions

The fastest growing UK Muslim marriage agency is . With over 2300 members and a 98% marriage success rate, Hum Marriage Bureau is the UK’s leading UK Muslim marriage agency. Many online dating websites that advertise for single Muslims boast over 1 million members, however this information given by these sites has been refuted as up to 80-90% of those members are fake profiles knows as bots. They will never interact and are simply on their database to attract more members into believing they have more luck in finding a partner. Some ‘bots’ are even programmed to send a message or two to give the impression that they are real humans! Again this is misleading and can upset a large sum of people when their hard earned money has gone to waste.Hum Marriage Bureau is the leading UK marriage agency because of their remarkable customer service and exceptionally high marriage success rate. They have a , all members from the UK are UK nationals and Hum Marriage Bureau is also the UK’s trusted UK marriage agency. When signing up to a haram online dating website for Muslims you will be tricked into thinking it is a halal service, this is done by the website using religious wording and Islamic images. Generally you will receive an email upon signing up that is overly saturated with religious wording however the concept of the website is still online dating regardless of how religious they pretend to be.Hum Marriage Bureau offers a complete halal approved service which unites single Muslims in matrimony, upon signing up you will receive a dedicated match maker that will assist you every step of the way until they have found you a match you are completely happy with. Hum Marriage Bureau offers an unbeatable price of only £79 with a 100% money back guarantee being the only UK marriage agency to offer an impeccable service, signing up can be done online at www.hummarriage.com or over the phone on 07857037167.

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