Why The World Needs Marriage Bureaus

Why The World Needs Marriage Bureaus

why the world needs marriage bureaus

Why The World Needs Marriage Bureaus


Wedding days are the happiest day of a man and woman’s life, however finding a partner can be the most stressful time of a person’s life. Usually your parents will contact all your relatives in the world and ask if they would like to marry you; involving a lot of meetings in the house and a lot of rejection as well. The process is extremely long because there are many questions to be answered from both sides, it can be very frustrating because the pair are not matched at all.

Marriage bureaus were created for people all around the world to find a husband or wife, all the work is done for you. Many people in the world find it difficult to find love due to time consumption from work or family. The procedure of applying to a marriage bureau is as follows:

  • Find a bureau that can be trusted (Read online reviews)
  • Fill on a form which consists of personal details such as: (Age, Religion, and Country you are living in) Etc.
  • Make payment


That’s all that needs to be done from the customer’s side. The marriage bureau will then use your information to find a suitable match based mainly on age, the country and city in which you live, lifestyle and your specific requirements. Many marriage bureaus can take up to a few weeks to find a match. You will then be contacted by phone call/text or email.

Once you have the person’s details such as their contact number, you can then request an image of the person. If you are young then usually your parents or guardian will talk to their parents and get to know each other better. When you feel comfortable you can then arrange to meet in a safe environment such as:

  • Your house
  • The potential match’s house
  • A coffee shop
  • Restaurant
  • Relatives house


Or other suitable locations agreed by both sides. If you or your family are unhappy with the match given for any particular reason then you can contact your marriage bureau and ask for another match. Many marriage bureaus will be more than happy to help you find another match and meet all your specific requirements.

Marriage bureaus have private portfolios so all your personal information is completely secure and kept confidential. Your information should not be used in any way or form unless it is to a potential match. Provide the bureau with a picture which will give you a better chance of finding a more suited match. Your picture should remain private and should only be sent out if there is a potential match for you. Very few marriage bureaus offer a full money back guarantee however during research we came across one marriage bureau that offers a full 31 day money back guarantee, we had a chance to sit down with Solomon from one of the UK’s leading marriage bureaus to ask him a few questions on why he offers a money back guarantee.

“Customer satisfaction is what is most important to us, we want customers to know that we are not desperate for their money; we want happy customers, this generates referrals and in turn, our revenue. I have heard many stories from customers on how certain marriage bureaus would take their money and never find them a match, it’s disgraceful and immoral.” Solomon

Some bureaus have impressive marriage success rates, such as the one mentioned above, boasting a 98% marriage success rate. Many bureaus offer ongoing customer support to ensure their clients are satisfied with the service, which is another point to consider when choosing your bureau.

Here are some more variables to look out for when applying to a marriage bureau:

  • Large member database
  • Client confidentiality
  • High success rate
  • Trusted company
  • Protected system
  • Money back guarantee


The world needs marriage bureaus because finding love is not easy, not everyone meets the man or woman of their dreams while waling to the shops! Many people in the world go through life not finding anyone because no one matches there requirements, A person could be incredibly busy and never have time to go out and meet people or settle down. This is where marriage bureaus come in to the equation.

Marriage bureaus are very common in the Asian culture, many Muslims around the world sign up to Marriage bureaus because it is the halal way to meet a man or woman. Generally Asian parents sign their children up with their permission however many marriage bureaus also have elderly people signing up as old as 70 looking for love and companionship. At that age is it very hard to go out and meet new people, and as you can imagine marriage bureaus come to the rescue!

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